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Avlimil - Female Enhancement Pills

Avlimil Review:
Female Enhancement Pills

Avlimil is a pill advertised to treat the “total female experience” by improving low libido in women, increasing sexual response and feeling, and aiding stress reduction. It is also supposed to boost blood flow, promote muscle relaxation and adjust the estrogen levels in a woman's body.

Avlimil's Ingredients

The ingredients in Avlimil, like other female enhancement medications, have been used throughout history to help a variety of ailments including a lack of sex drive.

  • Sage leaf: Sage Leaf aids in reducing mental fatigue and enhances the ability to concentrate. It helps you to become more lively and alert. It also contains estrogenic substances and has been used during menopause to help the body deal with hormonal changes.
  • Kudzu root extract and red clover extract: These are isoflavones that help restore healthy estrogen levels.
  • Red raspberry leaf: Some studies have revealed that this leaf helps tone the ligaments of the uterus and regulate menstrual flow.
  • Bayberry fruit: This ingredient invigorates the body and is thought to increase sex drive by aiding in circulation and vaginal health.
  • Capsicum pepper: Known to increase circulation this ingredient also stimulates the nervous system, which in turn produces endorphins that increase sexual desire.
  • Damiana leaf: This is a well known aphrodisiac that improves sex drive and supports muscle activity.
  • Ginger root: This aids in the health and well being of the cardiovascular system and has been used to increase libido response.
  • Licorice root: A root valued because it brings oxygen to the genital area and increases sexual endurance and verve.
  • Valerian root: It soothes the nervous system, muscles, nerves and blood vessels.
  • Black cohosh root: This root contains a natural estrogen similar to human estrogen and helps with stress, menstrual cramps and blood pressure. Low estrogen negatively affects a women's sex drive.

How to Use Avlimil

Avlimil comes in a pill form and is recommended to take daily with a full glass of water. Avlimil may take a few weeks to get circulated into your body so don't expect your low sex drive to be cured immediately.

Does Avlimil work?

While its test results were not catastrophic, Avlimil's ingredients made it more of a supplement to promote all around wellness in women rather than a pill to increase sex drive. If you are focusing on only increasing your libido, Avlimil may not be for you.

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