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Oral Sex Tips for Women:
How to Give a “Blow Job”

Women are lucky. It's a lot easier to pleasure a man with oral sex than it is to pleasure a women with oral sex. That's because when it comes to sex, men are much less complicated. But, to give a good blow job, you still have to know your way around his bits and pieces. Here's a primer.

His Bits and Pieces Defined

During a blow job, your primary concerns are the penis' head, shaft and frenulum (the little gathering of skin on the underside of the penis). Your secondary concerns are his testicles. (Note: Some men don't like their testicles fondled, but most do. How do you find out for sure? Try it!) The small area between a man's testicles and anus is also quite sensitive and many men appreciate it when a woman presses on that area from time to time.

Of your primary concerns, the frenulum is the most sensitive, followed by the head, followed by the shaft. Though it is not as sensitive as the other parts, it is important not to ignore the shaft of the penis, as you're trying to create an overall pleasurable experience and the shaft is part of that experience.

The Ins and Outs of a Good Blow Job

The basic action of a blow job is to move your mouth up and down the shaft of the penis. When doing this, you can cover your teeth with your lips and to apply a little bit of pressure to the shaft of the penis or simply apply pressure the back of the penis with your tongue with the tip of his penis is in your mouth and his frenulum is against your tongue.

When giving a blow job, it is important that you establish a rhythm and continue it. Men tend to find it frustrating when you stop in the middle of a blow job or break your rhythm in favor of another. It is the back and forth motion, combined with the pressure you place on the penis with your mouth and tongue, that men find most pleasurable.

Blow Job Variations

Some variations of a good blow job involve wrapping your thumb and index finger around the shaft of the penis (near the base) and applying a bit or pressure to the shaft. Another variation involves playing with his testicles, and another still involves applying a bit of pressure to the area between his testicles and his anus. While some men find anal stimulation quite pleasurable, other's absolutely hate it, so experiment at your own risk.

The Big Finish

Whether or not you plan to swallow (we've got a sinking suspicion that men like swallowing not so much for the pleasure involved, but because it proves what you're willing to do for them) it helps if your partner tells you when he's going to come. This way you can be prepared no matter what you plan to do with the ejaculate. Many men find it sexy to come somewhere on their partner's bodies. The best thing to do is to talk to your partner and find out how he likes to come. And if you follow the above tips, you'll be sure to have him coming in no time!

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