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Best Oral Sex Techniques

When it comes to the best oral sex techniques, it's all about knowing how to use your mouth, lips and tongue to make your lover's toes curl. While pleasing your lover might seem easy on the surface, it can be difficult, especially if you fail to communicate effectively. All of the best oral sex techniques begin with a healthy relationship where you aren't afraid to talk about what you like, what you don't like and what you fantasize about.

The best oral sex techniques won't do you any good unless you are willing to ask your partner what he or she likes and pay attention to every little moan or gasp they make. It is these signs that will tell you most of all whether they are enjoying themselves. Don't be afraid to try out some of the best oral sex positions as well to vary the experience even more!

The Best Oral Sex Tips to Perform on a Woman

If you will be performing oral sex on a woman, these are some of the best oral sex techniques you can try. Begin by kissing lightly on her vulva, barely using any pressure. You can then slowly increase the pressure of your kisses. Use slow, long licks from the vagina up to the clitoris.

Once she is very turned on, you can turn your attention to her clitoris. Use short, flicking motions with your tongue along the hood of the clitoris. Make circles with your tongue around it. You can even spell out the letters of the alphabet on her vulva. If she likes more pressure, lightly suck on her clitoris.

The best oral sex techniques are best employed when you are creative. Mix it up. But once she grabs onto your hair and yells “Don't stop,” keep doing what you're doing at all costs!

The Best Oral Sex Tips to Perform on a ManĀ 

If you will be performing oral sex on a man, then you should try out some of the best oral sex techniques on him for the most pleasure.

Begin by kissing from the base of his penis all the way to the head, licking the frenulum, the little gathering on the other side of his penis. Follow by taking the entire penis in your mouth and pulling back slowly. dragging your tongue along the length of the shaft.

Another one of the best oral sex techniques involves taking just the tip of his penis into your mouth and sucking lightly. Swirl your tongue around the tip, and then press your tongue on the frenulum. Then, take his penis into your mouth and begin to pleasure your partner consistently, moving your mouth up and down his penis.

Other techniques involve what you do with your hands while you're performing oral sex on a man. Use your hand to apply pressure to the shaft or play with his testicles. You can create an O with your index finger and thumb and apply pressure to the base of the penis. Or you can gently play with his testicles, pressing a finger onto the soft part between a man's testicles and his anus. This can provide a lot of pleasure for a man in addition to the pleasure of oral sex – making it a memorable experience for sure.

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