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Foreplay games can really add a burst of excitement to the routine of your day–to–day life. You can ratchet–up your love life with some fun arousing foreplay techniques to make your lover go crazy.

Women, invite your man to the place of your choice and tell him to strip his clothes off. Give him a blindfold and then tell him to put it on. You can then have your way with him. You can choose foreplay games such as oral sex, but with the added dimension of making your lover crazy by taking a sip of something warm and then pleasuring him.

With this in mind – and men, you can also turn the tables and give oral pleasure to your mate – why not vary the settings? Try oral sex while watching TV, in the shower, while your lover is at his or her desk or on the phone. Foreplay games should be fun and they can also be naughty.

Verbal foreplay games can also be very arousing. Be honest and tell your lover what you want. If you are shy start off slow and you may be surprised by your lover's response – this can be a real turn on.

You may want to include food in your foreplay games. Many lovers enjoy painting themselves with chocolate sauce, whip cream or even ice cream. You can also use strawberries, cherries or any flavor of jelly to enhance your foreplay activities. If you are using any type of materials such as paint brushes sponges, etc, make certain that they are clean.

Other foreplay games include a sexy strip tease, surprising your lover by getting a hotel room with a hot tub for the night, decorate your room with lighted candles, experiment with aphrodisiacs, call you lover on the phone and let them know something special is going to happen later that evening, or leave a naughty note in their coat pocket or someplace where they can easily find it.

Foreplay games should be fun and also should break from the normal bedroom routine. Be daring, read up on foreplay activities, maybe foreplay spankings, and then try them on your lover. Chances are you won't be sorry.

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