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A good kiss can really make a moment. That's why kissing tips come in so handy, especially when you're about to pucker up with someone for the first time. Even experienced kissers can spice up their love lives with the right kissing tips. That's because kissing is one of the most sensuous activities you can partake in with your partner.

Kissing Tip #1: Relax!

The first rule of good kissing is relaxation. If you're tense, your lips and tongue are more likely to be too firm for kissing, and your jaw is likely to be locked. So relax!

One way to relax is to know that if your partner is there beside you, there is little to worry about. Nine times out of then they want to be kissed by you! Another way to relax is to make sure that your mouth is prime for kissing. Make sure that your breath is fresh and that your lips and mouth are moist. (Note: If you chew gum to freshen your breath make sure you get rid of it before the kissing begins!)

Kissing Tip #2: Take Your Time

There is noting better than a nice slow kiss – especially at first. So, while it's A–OK to speed things up when things get hot and heavy, it's best to keep your kissing moving slowly at first. To slow things down simply take your time and enjoy yourself, moving your tongue in and out of your partner's mouth slowly. Another way to slow things down is to pull back every once in a while and gently kiss your partner's lips and gaze up into his or her eyes.

Kissing Tip #3: Easy Does It

Your kissing should be soft and gentle so your kissing apparati should be soft (but not too soft – your partner doesn't want to kiss some lifeless jellyfish!) so make sure your lips and tongue and not stiff or overly firm – simply loosen up! Once you are kissing make sure you're not darting in and our of your partner's mouth.

Kissing Tip #4: Regulate The Moisture

French kissing is moist as a rule, but your partner shouldn't be left with a face full of spit. So, make sure that you don't drool during kissing.

Kissing Tip #5: You Don't Have To “Explore” Your Partner's Mouth

You are not on an expedition looking for looking for buried treasure (or dental records!) so don't use your tongue to explore your partner's mouth. Instead, your tongue should be brushing gently against your partner's tongue their tongue moves in and out of your mouth.

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