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Female Masturbation Tips

Say the words female masturbation, and most ladies will turn beat red. Unlike their masculine counterparts, women tend to think that chasing down the “big O” is only for a certain “type of girl”…as they evolve out of the sexual dark ages, women are finally recognizing the need for self–exploration and are looking for practical female masturbation tips.

Some of the best female masturbation techniques are very complex and individual, depending largely on the temperament of the woman. A more romantic type of gal may want to spread flower petals and light candles prior to making with the stimulation. Another girl may rely on dildos for a quickie to pleasure. Some may even delve into extreme female masturbation techniques that involve the insertion of large or unusual objects.

Whatever your style, these female masturbation tips can work for you.

Female Masturbation Tip #1: Water Works

The official list of female masturbation tips would be incomplete without a mention of how a shower massage or a bathtub faucet can be your friend. With female masturbation techniques, the clit is the thing; its proper stimulation paramount to achieving explosive climax.

Faucet Technique:

After getting the water a nice lukewarm temp, strip naked and lie at bottom of the tub. Scoot your buttocks towards the running faucet and open yourself up to the stream, careful to tilt your hips in order to maximize clitoral stimulation. After getting the water pressure just right, most women achieve orgasm in matter of seconds, not minutes…

Shower Massager Technique:

Using a water massager is similar to the above female masturbation tip, only the massager, which usually has an adjustable hose, is easier to maneuver–the best setting to use is pulse as it has the most consistent pressure.

Female Masturbation Tip #2: Beads–Not Just For Adornment

I can guarantee that you won't look at a string of pearls the same way again after employing one of the best female masturbation techniques around.

Begin by selecting a string of beads–size or shape doesn't matter as much as length of the strand, especially if you wish to stimulate yourself anally.

After slathering the lubrication of your choice on the selected beads, lie back and rub the beads over your clitoris and labia, being sure to concentrate on the clit. How you maneuver the beads is more a matter of feel and personal tastes, but this is a guaranteed, not to be forgotten orgasm.

Female Masturbation Tip #3: Toy? But of Course

Men must envy women, as we have a plethora of stimulus at our literal fingertips that can give anal and/or vaginal pleasure. Some newfangled shafts even come with clitoral and/or anal buds that vibrate. Others have a flesh–like texture and can be suction cupped to a table or wall… the only caveat that comes with this female masturbation technique, is choose wisely–your toy may be a good personal friend for some time to come.

Lest we forget, the final apparatus on the female masturbation tips list are fingers, which work when nothing else is available. Finger stimulation can be taken up a notch with the use of enhancement creams like V Cream as such lubricants increase sensitivity and orgasmic intensity. Note: Be sure to clip the nail on the finger(s) you will be using before play (or slip on a latex glove) to prevent scratching,

Even if you do indulge extreme masturbation techniques, simple and understated diversions like these can be fun. Keep in mind too, that knowing how to pleasure yourself is a good thing and makes you a more secure lover. Confidence turns men on, which will draw them to you like flies.

Maybe, just maybe, you will only have to use these female masturbation techniques sparingly – or perhaps in a tutorial fashion.


The erotic possibilities are endless!

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