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sex positionsAn enlightened man, Sigmund Freud tied the majority of physiological ills to the human tendency to stunt the development of our sex drives.

Even so, we tend to regard human sexuality as something to revile or shy away from conversation wise. Problem is, a healthy dialogue about our sexual relationships must begin for human begins to fully maximize our sex potential. While keeping in mind the immense responsibility that comes with sex, i.e. the ability to conceive a child or obtain an STD, an individual should try to see sex for the wonderful and natural thing that it is.

An unfortunate byproduct of antiquated ideals when it comes to sex is that experimenting with positions is somehow a deviant practice. Anyone who is willing to look into the matter will see that many married and committed couples are exploring their sexual relationships in an open manner, which in turn, enables them to have the kind of sex that they probably didn't even have as singles.

This is why investigating various sexual positions and utilizing adult novelty toys and sex aids is a must for people who plan to be together for the long haul. These items are essential for keeping the love motor's humming when things become a bit more common place. Many couples counselors even encourage this exploration.

To do this, one should toss out preconceived labels. Women especially need to do this, as far too many believe that only a certain type of woman enjoys sex and have missed out. Indeed, the pleasure that can be had with sex can bring a spiritual and intimate dimension to a committed relationship that can make the bonds of monogamy even greater.

Variety is the Spice of Life

So you want to try something new, right? How about taking one of these new sex positions out for a spin:

Keeping Love and Romance Alive Through Imaginative Sex

Most people do not think of sex in the context or romance believing the two are mutually exclusive. Nothing can be further from the truth. When two committed partners have made the promise to be with one another solely, sex can be mind blowing. Unlike people who engage in one night stands, people who get to know one another soon learn about their partner's turn ons and offs. You also have an element of trust where you can reveal fantasies and ideals that one may fear could alienate a brand new lover.

While knowing your lover's key erogenous zones is never a wasted education, mixing things up from time to time with positions like the 69, the Butterfly or the Cowgirl will keep the curiosity factor up and the love alive.

Indeed, the human animal craves diversity and change in all facets of their lives. To keep the wheels of intimacy engaged, it behooves those who care about one another to use their imaginations, be honest with one another, and above all, to continue to have fun no matter how many years have gone by.

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Female Sex Enhancement

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