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Creating A Romantic Atmosphere

Creating a romantic atmosphere can lead to an incredible bout of lovemaking. The trick to this however, is figuring out what typifies romance for you and your mate, and bringing the fantasy to life.

One can apply one or all of these romantic tips when establishing an ambiance conducive to l' amour:

Romantic Tip #1: Aromatherapy

There is something mesmerizing about a succulent scent, especially spicy ones. Many earthy or musky smells facilitate sexy moods and lovemaking, but the choice, likes and dislikes can be as individual as the couple. Candles and incense along with oils can be a fun way to add an erotic atmosphere that helps in creating romance.

Romantic Tip #2: Music

Music is another good mood setter, just don't get cheesy with it. Instrumental music with a nice, velveteen texture is far better at creating romance than pop love tunes with infantile lyrics. That said, the music choice is entirely up to you and your mate. If a lovemaking session with Britney Spears bleating about her latest crush in the background appeals to you, then soldier on young lovers!

Romantic Tip #3: Lakeside

Heading outdoors can definitely create romance, as nature's beauty provides a scenic backdrop that helps in creating romance. Lakes, wooded areas and fields are great, and the more secluded the better. Be sure to carry along a bottle of wine and glasses, blankets, a picnic basket and a tent in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Romantic Tip #4: Shower or Bath Together

The sensations of warm water cascading over the body as you hold your lover close is a veritable feast for the senses. The visual appeal of seeing your naked honey wet and turned on is almost as great as the feel of water on your passion–heated flesh.

Lovemaking and creating romance with water doesn't end in the bathroom either. A lake, river, pool, ocean or Jacuzzi can titillate and arouse in much the same manner, adding, in some cases, the element of public sex excitement.

Romantic tips are but a head start in a fun game that is yours to develop and explore. Expand on these tips, take notes, discover what you and your love like. Creating romance is not merely about a schematic–it is about recognizing who and what your partner enjoys, and centering your inevitable lovemaking on that.

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