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Masturbation Tips:
How to Give Yourself an Orgasm

Self–pleasure, like one–on–one lovemaking, is an art.  You can master this art by properly implementing solid masturbation techniques.  Doing so can culminate in window shaking, earth shattering, “oh–my–lord–I–didn't–know–it–could–be–like–that” orgasm. 

The primary key to learning how to give yourself an orgasm is relaxation – all the masturbation tips in the world won't work if you are too keyed up to enjoy yourself. Remember, the brain is the ultimate sex muscle.   Sexual self–gratification is best savored when you free your mind of hindrances and restraint.

Contrary to popular belief, the road to the “Big O” isn't a difficult path to travel. Simply following the below masturbation techniques and guidelines will not only show   you how to give yourself an orgasm, but may quite possibly, lead you to have more than one climax.

Masturbation Tip #1: Relax 

As stated above, masturbation techniques can only go so far, the rest is, as they say, up to you.   If you truly desire to learn how to give yourself an orgasm, you must   be open to the experience; otherwise you will only a somewhat satisfactory feeling of release.  Relaxing means putting aside puritanical ideas or feelings of guilt.  If fantasy aids you in this process, by all means, conjure up the image of your favorite celebrity or lover.  Lighting candles or burning incense sometimes works too. Utilizing fantasy and/or romantic ambiance will put you in the proper mind set for orgasm.

Location is also an important masturbation tips header.  The site of your act of self–love can affect how relaxed you are.  Think about it – if there is a ton of outside noise, or the possibility of being walked in on, how could you focus on the wonderful sensations that lead to orgasm?

Masturbation Tip #2: Liberal Lubrication 

As far as masturbation tips go, this one may rank right up there with relaxation as being essential for orgasm. Why?  Because once the body and mind are primed, the next step is to “ready” your area for play.  The best way to give yourself an orgasm is by applying the proper amount of lubricant to get the kind of wetness you desire (only you will know what the right amount is).  Some people find that tingling lubricants or lube that warms on contact with the skin aid in achieving a rip–roaring climax. Products like V Cream, for example, can help women to this end.

Masturbation Tip #3: Pressure

Number three on our list of female masturbation tips falls into the realm of “feel”.  If you're new to the idea of how to give yourself an orgasm, just place your fingertips to your most sensitive areas and start caressing it (this will give you an idea of what feels good to you.)  Your body will start naturally cuing you on how much pressure to apply and where.  If you heed your body's responses, you will soon find yourself stiffening (and or thrashing about) as your body prepares to launch an incredibly mind blowing orgasm (Make sure no lit candles are within reach.) 

Masturbation Tip #4: Tools

Out of all our masturbation tips, this one is more a taste thing. Some people like the feel of their own fingers or hand; others may want to use a sex toy.  The toy can vary from person to person, and can include vaginal, penal and anal stimulators. Some women like toys that penetrate both vaginal and anal area while stimulating the clitoris or a basic vibrator, while men can use a penis sleeve (usually made of latex or silicone) or vibrators to achieve their own fabulous orgasms.

Hopefully, these masturbation tips and relaxation techniques will enhance the art of self–love and help you give yourself an orgasm.  Who knows, this may make you an even better lover, as a man or woman who knows how to pleasure themselves, can, in turn, give pleasure to others.

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