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First Time Sex Tips for Women

First time sex is a special moment in a woman's life, but can be a scary enterprise. This is particularly true for young women, who are afraid of the fabled pain. It is true that some pain may occur. This is because the hymen, a connective tissue that rests over the opening of the vagina, tears and ruptures upon the insertion of a penis.

While this may sound terrifying, the pain associated with losing your virginity will quickly abate and in some cases, you may not experience much pain at all. If you are considering having sex for the first time, there are some things you can do to make it not only special, but memorable.

Remember, these first time sex tips for women are but a guideline – they don't necessarily have to follow any order. When it comes to your first time having sex, it is all about instinct and your chosen partner.

First Time Sex Tip #1: Communicate

Your first time having sex will be fraught with anxiety. First time sex can indeed be a wonderful experience if you talk through your reservations. The partner you choose for the event should be receptive to your thoughts and willing to listen. If you can't talk to the man you have chosen, you probably haven't found the right first time sex partner.

First Time Sex Tip #2: Proper Setting

Introducing a romantic element is key to enjoying first time sex. Every woman has their own idea of romance and it may not involve candy and flowers. Communication once again enters the picture. If this will be your first time having sex, then you owe it to yourself and your lover to plan ahead. Let him know what you want. If he cares about you, he will be more than happy to accommodate your wants and needs.

First Time Sex Tip #3: Be Safe

Condoms and pills should be on the list of must haves for the first time. Contrary to what a person may think, you can get pregnant the very first time. Young lovers may not know enough about reproduction to know how to be careful, so it is best to have protection.

First Time Sex Tip #4: Remain Calm

Half of the cause for pain, outside the breaking of the hymen, is fear. Being rigid and unresponsive can cause issues with the actual sex act. Relax and tell yourself that millions of women have come to this cross road and lived. It is a natural aspect of life – you will do fine.

Sex for the first time doesn't have to be a fear inducing moment. If you have found the right guy, he will make it as pleasurable and wonderful as he can.

As I said prior, these first time sex tips for women will only go so far – you will have to make the moment for yourself, and that moment will be grand!

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