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First Time Having Sex

All virgins at one point or another will experience for the first time having sex. We all go through that process; we're scared, nervous, frightful, and not sure what to do, or how to approach it. Luckily you found our article on First Time Having Sex.

A Special Occasion

Your first time having sex with your lover will be a momentous event in your life. Before the big day starts make sure of certain things to accomplish. Sure, its just sex, but it is your day nonetheless. Begin by taking a shower with a good quality soap and wash every part of your body including the parts where sexual contact will happen whether intercourse, oral, or anal.

Cleanliness is a virtue when you have sex for the first time, or any time! Your lover will be more comfortable having sex with you the first time if you smell fresh. Brushing your teeth is another huge and important tip before kissing or having sex for the first time.

The Pressure's On!

Who ever said that your first time having sex had no pressure? Trust me there's pressure even if there isn't. We all get nervous and worry about how it's going to play out. You might ask yourself if it will be pleasurable, if both you and your partner will reach orgasm, or what if I cum early?

All these questions and more are normal to ask. If you're really worried about your first time having sex and you're not sure if you're going to ejaculate too early please check our other articles on male masturbation techniques. These articles are great for self pleasure and will help you control your urges from slipping out too soon.

If this is your first time having sex it is extremely important that both you and your partner have protection at all times: condoms and birth control. Discuss with your partner of any communicable diseases he or she might have and how many partners he or she has been with. When it comes to your first time having sex we recommend that you get in contact with your doctor and discuss other possibilities.

Location, Location, LOCATION!

Your first time having sex will require a place where both you and your partner will be able to have sex for the first time as well as a place of privacy and quietness. If both you and your partner live by yourselves then any one apartment or house will do. If you don't have a private location of your own try a hotel or motel.

If this is your first time having sex, and your going to reserve a hotel makes sure it's a good quality hotel, if not, buy silky bed sheets to cover the bed. The bed should be comfortable as well. This will impress your partner that you have taken the time to make everything as comfortable as possible.

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