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Animal magnetism, aka, mojo, is not a myth that exists solely in Austin Powers movies! If this is the case, why does it seem so few men have it? The deal is, some men are born with it while others must cultivate it. The key to developing animal magnetism is to boost sexual confidence through a series of time honored techniques.

Why should a man try to boost his sexual confidence? For one thing, today's women are far more sexually savvy and independent than they used to be. Because of this, they are seeking men who appear to know what they are doing in bed. Men who can't deliver on this unspoken promise often get rejected. If rejection and scorn happens often enough, sexual confidence can take a nosedive, becoming a feedback loop.

This is why developing animal magnetism and sexual confidence becomes mandatory.

Luckily, there are several steps one can take to boost sexual confidence and kick animal magnetism in high gear.

Sexual Confidence Tip #1: Baby You Are So Hot!

Every guy can recount at least one scenario where an unattractive guy had some gorgeous chick slobbering all over him! What was this man's secret to sexual confidence?


He didn't let the fact that he wasn't Brad Pitt hold him back. Instead, he developed the traits that most beautiful woman seek in a man, namely,

  • He was honest and genuine–lovely women grow weary of men trying to land them in bed all the time. Eventually, they become hip to the games, only responding to real motivations.
  • He treated her like a queen (not just financially, but emotionally as well).
  • He was confident because he'd developed sexual techniques to keep said princess happy in bed, upping his animal magnetism.

In other words, you can look like Danny DeVito, but if you heed the above sexual confidence tips, no woman will be able to resist you. No doubt about it! Being alluring to lovelies is a surefire way to boost your sexual confidence.

Sexual Confidence Tip #2: Walk On The Wild Side

Raw energy is like catnip to women. We are, after all animals, whether we like to admit it or not. While I wouldn't suggest acting like a Neanderthal, I will say that there are reasons why women appear to like assholes. Such males tend to have a machismo lacking in milder men. They are dangerous and take risks. If a nice guy knew how to amp up his own sexual confidence by letting the tiger out every once in a while, it would make a woman feel as if he is untamed.

This would be absolutely alluring…captivating even…

Develop the fine lines between getting in touch with the wild part of you and maintaining a hint of the gentleman (this is similar to the “woman has to be classy in public, but a freak in bed” philosophy).

Sexual Confidence Tip #3: Relax

Sex is not the “end all, be all” acquisition of the male and female relationship dynamic. If you appear as if sex is the last thing on your mind, you are more likely to attain it. Think about it. Would you want to date a chick that was obviously after what was in your wallet? Of course not! Likewise, no woman wants to be pursued just for what is between her legs.

A sub header to relaxing is realizing that rejection is not the end of the world. There are plenty of fish in the sea and not all rejection is personal. For instance, a woman could have a very complicated set of circumstances that make it difficult to get involved. Since people don't usually divulge their personal issues, they won't explain their reasons. Accepting that no doesn't mean you are a loser, will allow you to boost your sexual confidence to a point where most women will actually say yes (remember, no one likes desperation)…

How do you boost your sexual confidence? Know you are hot stuff, get in touch with your inner wild man, and relax. Becoming more self–assured will create an appealing sexual confidence. This is the ultimate key to developing animal magnetism that will one day have the woman of your dreams eating out of the palm of your hand!

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