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A heartening trend shows that more and more men are wondering about maintaining sexual energy in bed. With men asking pertinent question like “How do I increase sexual stamina”, there seems to be a growing interest in satisfying their sex partners.

With sexual stamina, the answer, as with most sexual topics, is to relax.

Even if premature ejaculation occurs, it is important that the man not beat himself up. Most men will experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives, despite their best efforts. This is of little comfort of course, especially for men who love their women and want to please them. These fellows will always strive to keep sexual energy and sexual stamina at an optimal level.

For these guys, I have compiled the following tips on how to increase sexual stamina, which can be mixed, used alone or heck, even added to:

Sexual Stamina Tip #1: It's All in the Technique

Many men who have battled with premature ejaculation and won say it is all in the mind. This means combating it with the mind. As most men are visual, it may help to close your eyes when you feel the big “o” emerging. Once the eyes are closed, picture something that will take away the urge to come. This visualization technique should be temporary until you get the hang of stopping your orgasm.

Tantric sex, a by–product of the Kama Sutra, offers ideas and advice on how to increase sexual stamina by utilizing the “squeeze technique” a method of cutting off the flow of ejaculate, to prolong sex. Many online sites and books delve further into these techniques.

Sexual Stamina Tip #2: Desensitize

Another good method for cutting sensitivity that aids in greater sexual stamina, is the use of condoms that are thick enough to cut sensation down a bit. By doing this, you are able to slowly build up your orgasm, which will enable you to feel what your partner's body is doing. Cuing in on her responses will take the focus away from your own orgasm, which is a great way to increase sexual stamina.

Another desensitizer is a specially formulated cream that arrests penal sensations and allows you to perform for longer periods of time. Found anywhere sexual aids or items are sold, these creams are typically used within a long–standing relationship.

Sexual Stamina Tip #3: Pull Out

This one is the most touch and go and I strongly recommend that is you desire to increase your sexual stamina in this way, do so with monogamous sex partner, as you will be unprotected for both pregnancy and STD. Contrary to popular belief, a girl still has a chance to get pregnant with the withdrawal method. However, a combination of the rhythm method and the withdrawal method will decrease odds. Still, nothing is safer than barrier methods.

With the withdrawal method, the man must be able to anticipate when he reaches orgasm. He has to stop suddenly, waiting for the sensation to abate before continuing. Such actions will increase sexual stamina tremendously. Sexual energy can be maintained with this technique largely because of the stop and go aspects.

Masturbating helps a man learn to control his climaxes as well, as he can train himself to prolong orgasm in a stress free environment. This can be hard in the beginning, but his motivation should be the sexual stamina he obtains.

Increasing sexual energy and stamina is a worthwhile pursuit, and with the above techniques as a starting point, you will have the tools to succeed!

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