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Male Orgasm Tips

The male climax is as mysterious a thing as the female psyche. For instance, not all men orgasm the same way; some men can orgasm but may not ejaculate, while others experience premature ejaculation. Still others can ejaculate and last a while, but the orgasm is not as big as it could be.

There are however, several male orgasm techniques and male orgasm tips that can create the most earth shattering, unforgettable climaxes of your life. By utilizing the right male orgasm tips, you may even experience multiple orgasms.

Male Orgasm Tip #1: Achieving Multiple Orgasms

First we have to define what it means to be multi–orgasmic. Many men mistakenly believe that ejaculating and quickly regaining an erection means they are multi–orgasmic. This isn't true. A multi–orgasmic male never loses his erection. The key male orgasm technique that leads to a multi–orgasmic experience is to control the impulse to “cum”. This is central to fantastic male climax. Thing is, most of us think of a male orgasm as the act of ejaculation. Not so. A man orgasms, then he ejaculates. If a multi–orgasmic male can control the desire to ejaculate, he can have more than one orgasm.

Male climax is what occurs mere seconds before the act of ejaculation. If you gain the ability to recognize the two events, you will have more than one orgasm during sex. Start by masturbating and stopping just before you reach climax by contracting your PC muscles (muscles used to stop the flow of pee when you urinate). Relax a few minutes then start again, coming closer to ejaculation the second time around.

When you finally do come, it is so explosive, you will probably gush for minutes. Do this often enough and you, my friend, will have mastered the ability to control your male orgasm. A multi–orgasmic male is also a better lover as he is able to prolong sex, enabling his partner to experience multiple orgasms as well.

Male Orgasm Tip #2: Flesh For Fantasy

The human imagination is a terrific sex tool and aids in achieving grand slamming' male orgasms. It is also free and only inhibited by you. This male orgasm technique especially comes in handy as you masturbate your way towards becoming a multi–orgasmic male. What you decide to fantasize about is up to you, but make sure it is titillating enough to conjure a rock hard erection. The more aroused you are, the greater the orgasm.

As we said in prior articles, sex is primarily mental, thereby terrific male orgasm occur when the mind is engaged.

Male Orgasm Tip #3: Use Enhancements

A great way to intensify male orgasm is via the use of enhancements, which are easy enough to hunt down and acquire. Products like Quantum Pills for example, can double, or triple your orgasms and get you ready to jump your partners bones much sooner after your first male climax.

Male orgasm tips and techniques are a matter of feel and personal tastes, but the above advice will certainly take you to the next level. Hopefully, you wills soon experience incredible erections and more fulfilling male orgasms.

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