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Intellectual Foreplay

Most everyone is guilty of choosing a partner because of how handsome he is or how sexy she looks. Intellectual foreplay is rarely a consideration. So, what is intellectual foreplay?

Unlike regular foreplay activities that involve heavy petting and wet kisses, intellectual foreplay means that you are willing to take the time to discuss serious issues with your partner in order to discover if you are really compatible and could form a successful relationship. You may be two “hell cats” in bed but you will have to leave the bedroom sooner or later and actually talk with one another.

Intellectual foreplay can save you weeks, months even years of wasted energy. Imagine waking up one day and realizing that after eight months of diligently trying to make a relationship work you simply couldn't do it – you wasted all that time and probably experienced your share of heart ache along the way.

The basic idea behind intellectual foreplay is to get to know each other intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically – those are the Four in intellectual foreplay.

When you think about it, you certainly wouldn't buy a car without first test driving it and getting an idea of what type of car it really is – it may look like a hot rod, but under the hood the engine is a real dud. Intellectual foreplay goes by the same principal. You and your partner should take the time to know each other, understand each others wants and desires and to ultimately discover if you are compatible.

So it's a good idea for you to ask questions and to invite your potential partner to ask questions about you. Why not discover things right away about your partner instead of a few months or years down the road? Remember, if you base your relationship purely on physical desire or the superficial notion that you “need” a boyfriend or girlfriend, then that relationship will more than likely fail.

Take your time and ask questions. This will lead to discovery, which could be a very exciting thing – just like intellectual foreplay.

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