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Sex Toys for Couples

Keeping things interested in the bedroom can take a lot of work after years of being in a relationship with the same person. Luckily, we're here to help! If you're looking for fun, kinky ways to spice up your sex life with your partner, there are a ton of options to try.

Buying sex toys and learning how to use them is just a matter of research and exploration. First, determine what you and your partner's needs are. Are you looking for masturbation toys, or things you can do with each other?

Masturbation Toys for Couples

The first step to having greater sex is learning what you and your partner like. Masturbation toys can be a great tool to help aid in figuring out what brings mind blowing orgasms to your and your partner.

1: Jelly Dong or Traditional Vibrator:

Jelly dongs are great sex toys for couples because they vibrate, come in many different sizes and feel good in the vaginal opening. That said, vibrators are a bit easier to handle as jellied and silicone members can be slippery and hard to handle. Vibrators also provide a constant reinforcement of pleasure on the clit.

2: Plugs and Anal Beads:

If you or your partner enjoy anal play, anal sex toys can be a great tool for couples. Butt plugs (cone shaped jellies) and anal beads come in a lot of different sizes and can help relax the sphincter muscles. Those thinking of trying anal sex for the first time are highly encouraged to play with some of the smaller toys first. For an added fun, try putting a gel on them for extra stimulation.

3: Penis Sleeves:

Penis Sleeves are a great way for men to enhance their pleasure from masturbation. The toy's soft material is enhanced by using lube to make it glide effortlessly over the shaft. For additional stimulation, you can use a “vibrating bullet”, a metal bud that can be placed at sensitive areas during sex.

Toys for Couples

1: O–Rings

These jellied rings make great sex toys for couples that want to enhance their intercourse. It's essentially a cock ring that staves off orgasm for the guy so he can last longer, while also containing a vibrating bullet at the top to stimulate the clitoris: great fun for guys and gals!

2: Double–Sided Dildos and Double Bullets

Double dildos or bullets are great sex toys for gay couples who want a new way to get off together. The double sided dildo is inserted into both vagina or anus, after which both participants can move their hips to stimulate both themselves and their partner.

3: Anal Beads

Anal beads are great for couples who are thinking of including anal stimulation during sex. This is one of those sex toys you have to know how to use properly to the best benefit from it. Once you're physically comfortable with all having all the beads inside you, the best technique is to fill the anus with the beads before sex. As you make love (through vaginal penetration or, if male on male, mutual oral), slowly pull the beads out one at a time, playing with the strand as the orgasms build. Once the orgasm arrives, pull the beads out faster for a truly legendary big O!

Sex Toy Hygiene

Remember, if you're going to use sex toys you should keep them hygienic! Purchase an antibacterial cleaner and clean them after every use. You can find cleaners specifically designed for sex toys in adult stores or online.

Finding the right sex toys and experimenting with how to use them can spice up your sex life, and make your relationships more physically satisfying for you and your partner!

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