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Female Orgasm Tips

When it comes to achieving female orgasm, it is important to note that the best orgasm techniques start with knowing your body. For years, women have been made to feel as if their vagina somehow lacked the appeal of the penis – even Freud coined the phrase “penis envy” implying that in the psyche of every woman was the desire to have a penis.

As we reach a more enlightened era, women are whipping out their hand held mirrors, mapping out their vulva and taking pride in the physical representation of their femininity. Women now know that the best way to reach the ultimate orgasm is through acceptance of her womanhood and its joyful exploration.

Female Orgasm Tip #1: Take Shame Out of the Game

For century's stigma has haunted female sexuality. Even a solo orgasm derived via self–masturbation was perceived as dirty and wrong. We now know that with the right stimulation and mindset, achieving the big O is not a sinful or evil – in fact, it can be quite heavenly. Get acquainted with your vulva, lips and clitoris–explore it with your fingers or with toys. Lubricants especially those that tingle, can enhance the experience

Female Orgasm Tip #2: Technique is Everything

Orgasm technique begins with familiarity. Begin with achieving a solo orgasm via masturbation and clitoral stimulation. Giving yourself a solo orgasm can educate you and your partner as to what your “climax triggers” are. The female orgasm tips for climax via penetration can vary, but start with understanding your internal “climax triggers” as well. Some woman can very easily reach their famed g–spot area by hooking their finger into their vaginal opening and exploring – others have a harder time, but a diligent approach will lead you to your primary goal: the ultimate orgasm!

Female Orgasm Tip #3: Be Vocal

Whether with words or enthusiastic response, the key to the ultimate orgasm starts with expressing yourself honestly. You partner will love this, as it will aid them in pleasuring you, and in turn, increase their own pleasure. This is what I call “owning your orgasm”. Don't expect the man to do all the work – meet him halfway. Sex is a feed back loop, so a primary orgasm technique is verbal and vocal communication.

Female Orgasm Tip #4: Explore Your “Spot”

Namely the “G” as we are all primarily acquainted with the clit. I am here to tell you the G–spot does indeed exist; detractors just didn't know what the hell they were doing. If you must use toys to find the G, use them, but fingers are the best way to locate the soft bundle of nerves that Dr Gräfenberg so helpfully discovered (more often than not, it is found right below the belly button, although bodies vary). After voiding your bladder, poke around the upper front wall of the vagina, from the cervix to the back side of the pubic bone, applying firm pressure in the direction of the navel. Eventually you should find an unusually sensitive spot and feel as though you need to urinate again.

The spot will probably swell and harden, feeling something like a small almond or a lima bean beneath the wall surface. You can now experiment with your new toy in much the same way you did when you discovered your clitoris. If you master the ability to locate your G–spot, and can simultaneously stimulate your clitoris via sex or masturbation, well, the term “ultimate orgasm” will barely scratch the surface.

Any woman, even those who didn't think it was possible, can have the ultimate orgasm. Whether you are embarking on a solo orgasm effort, or a twosome, threesome or group endeavor, keep these female orgasm tips and orgasm techniques in mind and above all, have fun!

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