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Male Masturbation Tips

I know what you are thinking. “I'm a man; I really don't need male masturbation tips! Heck, I sometimes jack off several times a week with no aid at all, and it always feels great!”

True enough, but if someone told you that they held the secrets to male masturbation techniques that lead to orgasms that are stronger and last longer, wouldn't you want to know more?

Yeah–I thought that might grab your attention.

In the world of male masturbation techniques, men have the women licked, so to speak. This is because men are less ashamed of the act and thereby, more inclined to be open minded about exploring various aspects of their own sexuality. With this is mind; I have cultivated the following best male masturbation tips.

Male Masturbation Tip #1: Invest in Sex Toys

The first of my male masturbation tips involves the use and/or purchase of sex toys. Many men may be unaware that they even have this option. Truth is, certain toys exist that were specifically designed to enhance the male masturbation experience. Silicone or colorful, jellied sleeves for example, are hand held devices that can simulate male genitalia. These items usually slip over the penis and can come ribbed or studded. Some even offer vibrating beads as inserts that can maximize the sensual effects of the sleeve.

Utilization of cock rings is among the best male masturbation techniques available as they are designed to hold off actual ejaculation. This makes orgasms ten times more intense when they finally occur–they can also aid in multiple orgasms.

A vibrator is another sure bet on male masturbation tips because the scrotum/anal area can be stroked during penal stimulation, causing an incredible eruption.

Male Masturbation Tip #2: Lube It Up

Male masturbation techniques wouldn't be complete without the mention of lubricants. Old stand by's like mineral oil or lotion work well, but if you want to heighten the best male masturbation techniques experience, investing in a quality lubricant is just the ticket. Lubricants not only come in flavors; they can also tingle or warm on contact with skin. Massage oils are especially good, as they are thicker and slicker–some tingle and heat up with applied friction.

Male Masturbation Tip #3: Fantasize

Been there, done that, bought the t–shirt and the dippy hat you say? Don't think so. My fantasizing regime has a bit of a twist to it. With this male masturbation tips exercise, you should spend a full five–minute or so thinking about the hot gal pal of your fantasies BEFORE even touching your member.

As far as the current list of the best male masturbation techniques goes, this one may be the more difficult to master, however, do at least try to accomplish it. The orgasm at the end of it is well worth the wait.

Male Masturbation Tip #4: Using Your Hands

Unlike the prior male masturbation tips, the use of your hands may seem like a no–brainer, but proper hand techniques can be just as important in achieving massive orgasm as anything else. Get creative! Instead of using the typical up and down motions, switch things up. For instance, slick your hands and your penis with your lubricant of choice and put your primary hand (the one you use most) at the top of the shaft. Stroke downward. Before you get all the way down, put your other hand on the top of your penis, stroking downward as well. Repeat.

Out of all the male masturbation tips, this one will send your senses reeling because it simulates a female riding on top of you.

The best male masturbation techniques can ultimately be useful to you in your bid to find a way to upgrade your masturbation experiences. It can also have the two–fold effect of making you a better lover, as many of the male masturbation techniques rely heavily on training you to delay orgasm, which is a bonus for the girl.

Let's face it, implementing these male masturbation tips can create a win–win that will make you and your lover very happy!

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