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The media often portrays sex as a single–faceted act. Two people get together, some heavy breathing ensues and before you know it, they're going at it. In this scenario, foreplay tips aren't even thought of. However, real life sex is not like this at all–that is, if it's to be any good! 

Real sex involves foreplay. Yes, I said it, people. Foreplay is an integral part of sex and while necessary for adequate arousal, it can also be downright fun. So, how do you get started down the path toward really great sex? The following foreplay tips should get you on the right track.

Foreplay Tip #1: Learn How To Kiss 

One of the best ways to initiate any sort of sexual contact is by means of a really good kiss. I mean, without a good kiss, the other foreplay tips are pretty worthless, right? You should take some serious time to learn all the best kissing tips out there so when it comes time to get your smooch on, you'll approach it like a pro. 

A few good kissing tips begin with simply letting your lips graze against your partner's. You don't need to jab your tongue down her throat! Also, when it comes to French kissing, be sure to move slowly and don't be afraid to take your time. There's nothing more of a turn off than when a guy flicks his tongue around your mouth or attempts to lick your tonsils. It's not a good approach, to say the least. Besides, half of the fun of sex is the apprehension and lead up to the actual act. Let yourself have fun with a good make out session first. 

Foreplay Tip #2: Take Your Time

What, are you in a race against the clock? If you get into her pants in under five minutes you win a prize? It's not a race, so remember that as an important foreplay tips lesson. Seduce her with your slow, passionate kisses. Tantalize her with your teasing caresses. You get the picture. Don't be afraid to show how much you love her body. One of the most important foreplay tips you can ever remember is to take it slow and get her body careful attention. And while teasing is often thought of as a bad thing, it can be extremely fun! And gals, don't be afraid to tease your man as well. Just because the popular media portrays guys as wanting to “get to the goods” doesn't mean you can't have a little fun getting there, too. 

Foreplay Tip #3: Giving Good Oral Sex

Giving good oral sex is key to good foreplay. Get familiar with oral sex by practicing and experimenting with different positions. Whether you are gay or straight, oral sex can and should play a large role in your sex life. However, when it comes down to a truly enjoyable experience, having the best oral sex techniques is key. Let's face it: oral sex is a learned skill and if you want to knock him or her off of their feet, then you're going to have to get practicing! 

If your partner is female, treat her vulva like a cherished discovery when performing cunnilingus. Explore every fold of her labia and be sure to give her clitoris ample attention. But don't be too rough! These are sensitive parts we are talking about so if you remember any of these foreplay tips, remember to be gentle unless she tells you to be more rough. 

If your partner is male, don't make it your goal to get his entire penis into your mouth when performing fellatio. Rather, flick your tongue along the tip and suck on the head. Use your hand to stroke the shaft while you slide your lips over the glands. One of the most important foreplay tips is to pay attention to his response. That will be your guide to his pleasure. 

I hope you keep these foreplay tips in mind the next time you get ready to have some fun between the sheets! 

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