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Marriage romance may seem like a contradiction in terms, but the truth is, a firm foundation of love and memories makes for a hot, steamy connection that two strangers will never generate. I myself can attest to this, as some of the greatest sex I ever had was with my mate of many years.

Any man can have great sex with is wife, but he has to look at married sex in a whole new light.

Problem is, people tend to view married sex as a boring ménage of tried tricks and old stand–by's. What they fail to see is the ability to be completely frank with someone who has already promised for better or worse. Explore a fantasy with someone you just met, and they may call you a perv and walk out. Do the same with the spouse, and they may just enjoy the idea of spicing up the old routine (providing you have an open line of communication to begin with).

Below are the top four tips that can help you in creating intimacy and marriage romance. These tips will surely aid you in accomplishing your goals of great sex with your wife.

Married Sex Tip #1: Create A Romantic Mood

Women need a little more lead time then men in the arousal department. It is a fact you can't navigate around. If your wife has chased kids around all day, the last thing on her mind is sex. Whining about her just giving it to you won't help either. For women, sex is mental first, physical second.

Titillate her mind.

Marriage romance is easy. It begins with recognizing her needs. If you help around the house, cuddle a bit, and pour over good times, this will mellow your woman out, making her more open. Telling her she is still the apple of your eyes will make her purr. Be honest. Let her know how much you care about her, what she means to you. Take out the trash. Do a dish or two. This may seem like small potatoes, but she will feel so appreciated, you will not only have greats sex with your wife, but the lovemaking may become chart topping!

If you are at loathe to do this, just remember–when you were single, you could spend hundreds of dollars on a woman and not even get laid. If washing the dishes can almost guarantee sex, isn't it worth it?

Married Sex Tip #2: Go on a Date

It may be harder with kids, but well worth the cost of a sitter to have great sex with your wife.

It doesn't matter if you have been together 2 years or 50, a set aside “date” similar to the kind that begins at the first dating phases, will create marriage romance, and your woman will be easier to get into the sack.

Married Sex Tip #3: Listen

The last tip for great sex with your wife is to simply pay attention. When you hardly seem interested in the details of your wife's day, she won't respond favorably to you. Women have to feel heard to feel cared about. If you aren't willing to invest time in this fashion, expect a cold reception in the bedroom.

Married Sex Tip #4: Try New Things

The point Rupert Holmes popular PENA COLADAS song made, was that couples fail to talk over their wants and needs. Consequently, they never realize that they may have the same sexual tastes and ideas. These ideals, if explored, may make the married sex life refreshing and new.

Want to play with sex toys? You may be surprised to find your woman does also. You won't know unless you ask. Be open to her ideas too! If you make your wife feel as if her ideas are too freakish or outlandish, not only will she not offer any more ideas, she won't be receptive to yours.

Marriage romance begins with love and care. All it takes is creating intimacy, a listening ear, and the ability to take your woman out once in a while.

If you can do these things, you will always have a terrific marriage romance and heart stopping, great sex with your wife!

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