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Creative Foreplay Ideas

If you feel that you need to energize your love life then try these creative foreplay ideas to stimulate your love–making experience.

Invite your lover in for a pre–sex shower or bubble bath. Lather and rub each other down, nibble and pet until you are both sexually aroused. Play a board game – but the stakes aren't “funny money” but perhaps an article of clothing that must be shed or a sexual favor.

Another creative foreplay idea is to introduce a female enhancement product into your foreplay, such as V Cream or a male enhancement products such as Endowmax oil. These products can extend the life of your love–making and help make your orgasm magical!

Other creative foreplay ideas include the introduction of sex toys. Surprise your lover with a toy that will get them revved up, use oils and lotions to increase the pleasurable sensations, and talk to them while you are pleasing them – tell them how beautiful they are and how much you want them.

Creative foreplay can begin long before the actual love making. Flirt with your lover in the morning over breakfast, write them an email at work, call their cell phone and leave a steamy message or leave them a sexy note where they will easily find it when they get home from work. These creative foreplay ideas don't even require physical contact – you will be teasing and arousing your lover all day, setting the mood for a wild evening.

Use food as creative foreplay. If you don't want to be painted with chocolate sauce or if you don't prefer whipped cream, cook a meal with garlic (increases blood flow) or ginger (known to give a warming sensation when digested). Or you can study up on aphrodisiacs and integrate them into your food to create a magical foreplay meal.

Treat your lover to a sexy strip tease or blindfold them and tell them to strip. You can then unleash your lust on them or slowly nibble, kiss and lick your way to the places that you know they love the best.

Surprise your lover and come up with your own creative foreplay ideas or use these to heighten your love making experience. Your lover will thank you.

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