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Huge orgasms can be had via lesbian sex positions if you and your gal pal work together to achieve them. As with all aspects of couple sex, lesbian sex tips begin with honest and open communication.

Just realize that while a huge orgasm can be fun, it is not the end all be all of sex. Making a huge orgasm your primary goal can take away from the intimacy that is the true goal of lovemaking.

Remember to have fun and connect with your lover throughout.

Lesbian Sex Tips #1: Mutual Masturbation

Oral can be fun and stimulating, especially when you toss in a few good lesbian sex positions. A typical 69 can be a good way to experience oral, and you can even make a game of who can make the other one cum first. 69 can be achieved numerous ways, either lying side by side, or in the traditional, one girl on top fashion. Be creative and play around with various lesbian sex positions.

Lesbian Sex Tips #2: Mash Those Cookies

Scissoring or tribbing is sometimes considered a form of mutual masturbation, but many believe it is a sincere from of actual coitus. The manner in which you and your partner rub your vulva's together can vary, leading to several lesbian sex positions. Missionary and scissoring are popular sex positions, but the possibilities are endless.

Lesbian Sex Tips #3: Using a Strap–On

In reality, this is the least important aspect of lesbian sex tips and lesbian sex positions. This is because flesh on flesh lovemaking can allow you to feel closer to your partner. Yet and still, if you enjoy vaginal penetration, the introduction of a strap on can increase lesbian sex positions, leading to doggie style, missionary, spooning and straddling options.

Lesbian Sex Tips #4: Eye Contact

Try to involve lesbian sex positions that encourage eye to eye contact. Nothing is more arousing than being able to look upon the face of your lover during the act. Eye contact can make you even wetter, increasing the likelihood of a huge orgasm.

Keep in mind too that even lesbians must practice safe sex. Again, communication comes into play with this aspect.

First and foremost, lesbian sex tips begin with mutual respect. Although lesbian sex positions can be rather nice, they mean very little without common ground and discussion. Take your time. The huge orgasms can come later.

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