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How To Turn Her On

When it comes to what a woman wants, most men think wealth, good looks or a clever one–liner are the only things necessary to turn her on. While it doesn't hurt to have these things, a man lacking in other important areas will also lack sexual magnetism. Such a man will never get any play.

What men have to understand is that groundwork has to be laid to get her in the mood. Most guys don't need a ton of incentive to want sex. Touch him on the arm, and he is ready to pull out the lube and the edible panties. Women are more mental and it takes more to turn her on.

Also, just as men want a woman who has certain attributes, women want the same thing. A mature man (emphasis on mature) wants more than looks. He also desires intelligence, a sense of humor and someone with more going on in life than make up and hair. Ditto for the ladies, who also want substance.

The secret of how to turn her on is in the creation of sex appeal in this regard. Sex appeal evolves into intense sexual attraction with the application of the below traits. Every woman is different and it can be a bit of a feel thing (know your target and modify).

There are no guarantees, but on the whole, most human beings respond favorably to the below character traits.

Turn Her On Tip #1: Display Courtesy

Talking over your date, answering your cell phone, checking out other women or acting uninterested in your date's topic of conversation is poison. How will you turn her on, if you will barely acknowledge her as a human being? If you were going out with an emotionless blow up doll, then ignore away, however, true sex appeal is steeped in genuine consideration of others.

Turn Her On Tip #2: Intelligence is Sexy

Anyone with a modicum of self–respect wants an intelligent mate. It just begs to reason. Think about it. Sex can and does get old, and when it does, then what? For this reason, women want a man who is well read and can string more than two sentences together. A man who can write an email worth reading scores big in this arena too, as it shows the ability to do more than drink beer and burp the alphabet. Remember, the biggest way to turn her on is via the stimulation of her mind.

Turn Her On Tip #3: Sense of Humor

The waiter gets your order wrong. Which will turn her on more? Screaming at the guy till he is in tears or a clever little joke that puts all at ease. Life is hard enough, and a sense of humor makes the rough times tolerable. A woman feels closest to a man whom she can tell will be able to weather storms with grace. Displaying this quality this will in turn, draw her closer to you and up your sexual magnetism.

Turn Her On Tip #4: Be Assertive

I know what you are thinking. The last time you were “assertive” some chick handed you your ass. True enough–but the alternative to not being a wee bit aggressive is being a woosie. Women have little respect for that either. I am not saying go all Cro–Magnon on her, but display something akin to a backbone.

Don't let her walk all over you.

Show you can make decisions, like planning couple time activities.

Stick up for yourself of your date if the need arises.

In regards to sex appeal, this makes you appear very manly. Regardless of how independent natured a woman is, she wants to feel secure and protected. Because of this, she will always want a man who can handle himself well.

Confidence is seductive and, once again, adds to sexual magnetism.

Turn Her On Tip #5: Delay Your Own Orgasm

In the realm of sex, an inordinate amount of women never orgasm. This is because most men are so intent on getting their own needs satisfied that they don't satisfy their woman. Want to turn her on for sure? Delay your own sexual gratification as you tease and titillate her. Women love being teased a bit and things will get physical a lot faster if you play the “sexual tension” game.

Also–kiss slowly and often. Making out, holding one another and cuddling will make her primed and ready for entry.

Men often ponder about their particular love interests, wondering just how to turn her on. As trite as it sounds, the number one rule of thumb is to be you. All the tips in the world won't help you if the girl just doesn't like what she sees before her. It would be a mistake to alter your basic, true nature.

The biggest turn on of all, is when the woman who sees the real you – and likes what she sees.

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Turn Her On

How to turn her on Most guys don't need a ton of incentive to want sex. Women are more mental and it takes more to turn her on.

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