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How to Achieve Orgasm:
Female Orgasm

Women are luckier than men in the realm of the climax. How so? Well, ladies have 101 ways in which they can reach an orgasm, in fact, they can have some of the best orgasms around as they can produce multiple climaxes, sometimes back to back.

This is why it is a little perplexing that the average woman has never had an orgasm outside of self–stimulation. With the right orgasm techniques and tricks however, the best orgasms imaginable can be a love stroke away.

Orgasm Tips #1: Missionary With a Punch

Most women don't realize that they can aid the arrival of the big o with just a simple movement of their hips. Lie on your back as if for missionary, but with more of a pelvic tilt, sort of like in Pilates, but a wee bit different. Sometimes a pillow or sex wedge will maximize your hips position. Your man can also grab your ass and pull you to meet his thrusts. This helps you achieve a better orgasm because it enables the penis to reach the G–spot, a necessary component of how to achieve orgasm.

Orgasm Tips #2: Woman Astride

Some of the best orgasms occur when the woman is riding the man's penis. The reason this is a climax enhancer it because it allows for deeper penetration of the penis. A woman can also adjust herself so that the penis rubs against her clitoris. The orgasm technique will certainly inspire you to have one of the best orgasms of your life.

Orgasm Tips #3: Old Fashioned Doggie

This position just keeps on giving and really gives one the best orgasms to be had. This is due to the fact that penile thrusts can go even deeper than normal, stimulating the g–spot. Your partner can also take his fingers and play with your clit. If you want to know how to achieve orgasm, this is a must try. The best way to do doggie style is by getting on your hands and knees allowing your man to mount from behind, but other variations on the theme can be tried–use your imagination.

Orgasm Tips #4: Pleasure Friction

Keep your legs clamped during sex and you will definitely experience one of the best orgasms imaginable. This is primarily due to the fact that closed legs can create friction from the penis which leads to a clitoral orgasm. How to achieve orgasm this way you ask? Simple.

Have your lover place his legs outside yours then straddle his penis prior to squeezing your own legs closed. You can then guide your movements, adjusting so that the penis hits the right spot. Your partner can also aid by pushing your legs further closed with his thighs. This position is amazing and a sure fire way to achieve the best orgasms you can have, period.

Trying something new and being open to various positions are the secrets of how to achieve orgasm. The best orgasms don't happen by accident, they are worked on. Hopefully, these orgasm techniques and orgasm tips will put you on the road to amazing sex and equally incredible climaxes.

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