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Costume Foreplay

Costume foreplay is an excellent way to supercharge your sex life! Imagine ladies, that your man is a shy, inexperienced lover who needs some persuasion. He wants to please you but he's just not sure what to do. You can use your skills to coax him, stimulate him and make him a vibrant lover.

One of the most arousing aspects of costume foreplay is that although you are making love to the same person, the costume and the excitement makes it feel otherwise. The scenario helps you to get into the moment, to forget that you are the wife or the husband, and allows you to drop your inhibitions and seize the moment.

Foreplay activities such as costume foreplay help juice up your sex life. Of course you should discuss this with your mate before you don a spider man suit but many couples feel that costume foreplay adds some excitement to their lives. Just imagine seeing your wife as a straight–laced teacher, hair in a bun, shirt and skirt very neat and plain, but underneath that cold exterior is black lace – and you are the just the guy to seduce her.

Use your imagination. Foreplay ideas can pop up at any moment. Share them with your mate. Costume foreplay can keep your sex life interesting and can lead to incredible moments of foreplay and, of course, kinky and wild sex. Try different props and agree to experience these moments together at different times of the day. Maybe the plumber drops by on a Saturday afternoon and the bored house wife needs some attention? The foreplay activities could be endless.

Remember, you don't have to spend a mint on costumes. Talk to your mate about what he or she would like. Imagine a man in a business suit or ripped jeans who has just arrived at a bar and is looking for a cold beer? The waitress in the mini skirt, red wig and red lipstick would love to serve him – or make a meal out of him!

Costume foreplay should be fun, daring and most of all arousing. You and your mate could open up a whole new universe of sex. Enjoy!

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