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How to Have Great Sex

In this article, How to Have Great Sex, we will answer the basic question on how to have great sex with your partner. Everyone thinks that by having sex it's all great. Well, that's not always the case. Sex is great to a certain point, but how do you reach the pinnacle of having great sex? The following are certain tips that will allow you to have the greatest sex achievable with your partner:

  • Let Go of Yourself
  • Set Your Mind
  • Don't Sit There! Communicate!
  • Time is On Your Side
  • Experimentation

Let Go of Yourself

If you're still not sure on how to have great sex, it's ok. The one thing you always want to keep in mind is letting go of yourself. You cannot force sex unto your partner. It is better when both you and your partner have that sexual passion that makes sex a whole lot better than regular sex.

Set Your Mind

When you have sex you always want to keep your mind set only on sex. Having great sex is more pleasurable when you're not thinking about something else other than sex. Forget about personal problems with your family, your friends, at work, or anything else that might bother you. You can worry about those things when you leave. Setting your mind on how to have great sex will allow you fully experience sex at a whole new level of pleasure and orgasm with your partner.

Don't Sit There! Communicate!

Here's another great tip on how to have great sex: COMMUNICATE. All relationships require communication. A relationship without communication will have a 99.9% chance of failure. So how do you have great sex when it comes to communication? When you're having sex or none at all, it's always a good idea to talk about what you've done, what you liked the most, what you didn't like, and how you can make sex better for both of you the next time around. By communicating, you are ensuring that your next time having sex will be more pleasurable than ever before.

Time is On Your Side

Another important key point on how to have great sex is taking your time with your partner when having great sex. Having great sex is not about reaching orgasm for oneself and not the other. It is possible for both you and your partner to reach orgasm together. Having sex should be a time where everything else stands still and all you know at the moment is what is in front of you. Don't rush sex. Enjoy it for a couple of hours and days without any outside interruption.


If you're already enjoying sex you can spice it up a little more with your partner by revealing your sexual fantasies. Trying different things such as different sexual positions, playing with sex toys, or even role playing are other great experiments on spicing your sexual life.

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