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The biological sex drive is a natural one, with the urge to merge being strongest in men than in women.  Even so, it takes more than following primordial instinct to be great in bed.  As with anything, the difference between a so–so lover and a great one is know how.  Anyone can put his member into an opening and have a go at it.  A real lover develops a solid, mutually beneficial sexual technique.

Unfortunately, the biological urge doesn't supply the proper skills necessary for having better sex. 

The good news – Sex tips for men are currently structured to give guys a greater understanding of the needs of their partners, which makes the goal of having better sex attainable.

The male sex tips and sexual techniques found below can take you on that journey.  

Male Sex Tip #1: Reject Fear of Failure

What is the secret to mastering sexual technique?  Realizing that sex is 99.95% percent mental is one step towards having better sex. 

Remove all apprehension.  The specter of fear is what kills performance a large portion of the time.  Relaxing does a miraculous thing – it makes you appear confident, which is a big turn on to women.  If you gain her attention in this manner, you are one step closer to mastering sexual technique and, inevitably, getting laid.

Male Sex Tip #2: Realize It's About Skill, Not Size 

Yeah, right you say.  It's true.  More women complain of lackluster performance than they do of size.  Obsessing about your size will make you less confident. The number one sexual technique to master is understanding how to work with what you were born with!  Only use toys and implements to enhance, don't rely on them.

Male Sex Tip #3: Developing Know How 

It's easier than you think.  It begins with having fun.  Don't make a big ceremony of it.  Be playful!  Romp around in bed or on the floor – tickle one another laugh and goof off a bit.  This makes your girl or guy feel more at ease, which makes for having better sex.

Engaging in foreplay is another male sex tip that is often groaned about, but believe me, the time and effort you take priming your girl will make for a multi–orgasmic experience, possibly for you both.

Also remember, if your partner is a woman, she will more than likely have several internal locations that you can stimulate to climax.  Try various angles and levels of penetration to see what sexual technique works best (believe me, you will know).  Also, encourage her to tell you what is working for her with verbal communication (that is, if she can speak…)

In other words, pay attention and feel free to use your fingers, lips and tongue to explore your lover's sensitive areas.

If your lover is a man, then taking it slow and easy as you feel your mate out is called for.  As a man, he may be more apt to be vocal about what he likes and what turns him on–again, just listen.  More times than not, simply applying the sexual technique of paying attention and relaxing will make you a far better lover than studying 101 positions.

Male Sex Tip #4: Control Your Orgasm

One very good sexual technique to learn is how to shut off the ejaculation “response” just as you are about to climax.  This will prolong the lovemaking session, and allow your girl time to experience the big O.  Nothing feels better than giving your woman an orgasm, because she usually gets wetter and her vaginal musicals contract and clamp down on your penis.

The sensation alone is well worth waiting for. 

One good way to develop the sexual technique of holding off orgasm is to masturbate.  During masturbation try to keep from “coming” for longer intervals each time you engage.  You can also employ the use of thick condoms or desensitizing creams that deaden the feel a bit and make you last a bit longer.

Various sexual techniques and male sex tips can be explored in numerous areas, which we will expound upon in future articles.

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