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Unlike men, women can be much more difficult to please in bed. That's why its important to have an open dialogue about what feels good and what doesn't. (As a guy who's had a few girlfriends, I can tell you that what makes some women howl like banshees, makes others lie like dead fish.) So in order to pleasure your woman, you've got to open up the lines of communication and keep them open.

Why You Should Love Giving Oral Sex to a Woman

Quite simply, women love men who love to give oral sex to women. Got it? Also, women love (I mean, LOVE) oral sex. Better than chocolate. Better than shoes. Better than kittens and rainbows and babies. So it's very important that you learn to love to give oral sex to the woman in your life.

Need another reason to love giving oral sex? If you pleasure your partner with great oral sex, she'll likely return the favor!

Why Women Love Oral Sex So Much

Women love oral sex because it puts a soft warm tongue in direct contact with their clitoris – the mother ship of nerve endings at the top of the top her genitalia. It is much easier for a woman to achieve orgasm during clitoral stimulation as opposed to vaginal stimulation. Clitoral orgasms can also be much more intense. Plus, it is much easier for a woman to have multiple orgasms as a result of clitoral stimulation. (Jealous? Don't go wishing you were a woman. We can still pee standing up!)

Giving Oral Sex to a Woman

Given the power of the clitoris, it should come as no surprise that when you give oral sex to a woman, you should focus on the clitoris, not the vaginal opening. Now it's what you do with that clitoris that confounds many men.

In my experience, most women like an up and down lapping motion (picture a dog drinking water). Now how much pressure you should use depends on your girl. Mostly though, women like it soft and easy at first and then harder (meaning more pressure) once things get going. (Unlike us, women like to be eased into these things.)

Some women like a swirling (this is where drawing the letters of the alphabet comes in), and some enjoy it when you gently suck their clitoris (typically, though, this is what's known as an “extra.” See below).

Giving Oral Sex to a Woman – Extra Tricks Up Your Sleeve

There are a few near–surefire ways to get your woman to orgasm during oral sex. One is by inserting two fingers into her vagina to stimulate her G–Spot (simply take your fingers and move them toward you, as if you were becoming someone to move toward you). Another is by stimulating her anus. (At this point she should be nice and lubed, so all you have to do is take your index finer and slide it up her anus.) Before attempting this move, touch her anus and see what she does. If she moans, go for it; if she says nothing, do a more little pre–slide stimulating to see if she reacts and if she stiffens, pull away. While some people are squeamish about including that part of their bodies in sex, but most people find that they like anal stimulation once they try it.

Giving Oral Sex to a Woman – The “Freshness” Factor

Most women are quite aware as to the “weather down there,” and will generally turn down oral sex if their feeling “not so fresh.” But if your girl wants oral sex and you're concerned about the weather, suggest taking a shower together. This way, you can avoid any uncomfortable conversations and can even broaden your horizons a little bit. (Performing oral sex in the shower can be quite fun!)

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