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How To Get In The Mood For Sex

On any given day, there can be a hundred and one reasons why a woman just can get in the mood for sex. The sad part is that your partner is often on the receiving end of your sexual rejection. While some women may trivialize this, a man may see sexual distance as disinterest, prompting him to get his jollies elsewhere.

The key to better sex for women lies at the goddess's own hands. If a woman can learn to loosen her inhibitions with her mate and relax with sex, she can open the door for a better sex life, as well as for a better orgasm!

One part of the problem is that women just don't communicate their needs in bed, largely because they don't know how. As a result, they and are often left sexually frustrated. It is hard to get in the mood for sex when you view it as an unhappy chore.

The answer. Alter your mindset. Better sex for women can be achieved, but first you have to view it differently.

Get in the Mood Tip #1: Find Joy in the Act

Sex isn't just for the man, it is for you too. Find ways to personalize sex. If erotica gets you going, buy it and read it in spades! Reading a sexy tale or two can get the proverbial juices going, and give you a couple of tantalizing ideas that will definitely lead to a better sex life

Get in the Mood Tip #2: Make Your Partner Feel Wanted

Just as we don't want to have to prompt our partners for little romantic gestures, a man doesn't want to have to beg for sex. You may be surprised at how much more attentive to your needs he becomes when you make him feel like a sex God. Besides, thinking about what you want to do to him can definitely get you in the mood for sex.

Get in the Mood Tip #3: Rev Your Engine With a Sexy Movie

You know the one – every time you think of that steamy love scene it makes you want to do the nasty! It doesn't have to be porno, although that can help too, depending on the kind you choose. Women tend to like soft core, like THE RED SHOE DIARIES, so if that is your cup of tea, brew it then do it.

Get in the Mood Tip #4: Create Lustful Fantasies

If men are visual women are cerebral. They key for better sex for women starts in the imagination. I happen to think it is healthy to fantasize, within reason, especially if the object of lust is unattainable, like a hot celebrity. If Fabio does it for you, have fun, then take all your sexual frustrations out on your baby love…just don't scream out “Fabio” while doing the deed…

Get in the Mood Tip #5: Cyber or Phone Sex

Whether via instant messaging or email cyber sex can key you up for the real deal. Let your mind go free–revel in all your wildest fantasies–you may find that a better sex life begins with realizing some of those erotic discussions that very same evening. Phone sex is one step up from Internet as you can hear one another voices and titillate one another with sexy sounds and moans.

Better sex for women lies within the feminine domain, and can be attained with the right spirit. One or more of these tips can lead you to the better sex life you desire and help you get in the mood for sex.

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