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Anal Masturbation Tips

Anal masturbation is a very popular form of play and can be indulged whether one is with a partner or flying solo. As an erogenous zone, its stimulation can closely compare to penal or clitoral. It can also lend incredible sensations to the act of regular intercourse.

As the taboo surrounding anal play lifts, anal masturbation tips are starting to emerge. People who would have never thought about playing with their exit areas are now considering buying anal toys.

Great, you say, but at this point, you may be asking yourself, “Just what are the best anal masturbation techniques?”

If you are, then you have “cum” to the right place…

Anal Masturbation Tip #1: Use Anal toys

Most people are unaware that anal toys exist, but these little gems will enable them to enjoy the best anal masturbation session ever! These anal toys are traditionally a tad more slender than vaginal ones, but can come in large sizes too. Some even come equipped with vibrating male g–spot stimulators.

When talking about anal masturbation tips, you cannot exclude the butt plug. The plug, which stretches and relaxes the sphincter muscles for easier, safer penal penetration, comes in a wide array of colors, sizes and textures. After the butt plug in popularity are anal beads, which has its own special appeal as an anal toy. Beads are easier to maneuver and give a more sustained orgasmic experience with the proper anal masturbation techniques.

Anal Masturbation Tip #2: Finger Insertion

Since the male g–spot can be found right around the prostate, an important anal masturbation tips is to find and finger this area. For women, the best anal masturbation techniques are to diddle the anus while also stimulating the clit. For this type of simultaneous play, it is best to use a toy on the clit, finger for anus or vice versa, as bacteria from the anus can cause an infection in the vaginal area.

Anal Masturbation Tip #3: Lubrication

To fully enjoy the best anal masturbation techniques around, be sure to lube up. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self–lubricating. Because the sensitive anal tissues can tear if handled too roughly, the use of quality lubricants is imperative.

Lubricant is especially necessary if you enjoy extreme anal masturbation techniques, like inserting large objects found outside the realm of store bought sex toys.

Anal Masturbation Tip #4: Electrosex Accessories

These items fall under anal toys, but deserve their own category due to their uniqueness. Electro sex accessories are generally butt plugs or electrode pads that situate on the anus and send out controlled electrical charges. Practitioners of extreme anal masturbation techniques tend to get enjoyment from these devices (wouldn't advise for beginners). Electro sex experiences are said to be more intense than regular anal masturbation play.

Success with anal masturbation begins with the ability to relax, go with the flow, and employ proper anal masturbation tips. In other words, be open–minded but smart, as even the best anal masturbation techniques should be explored slowly. If you take your time and plan wisely, you will find that you enjoy the experience.

Hopefully, after your first tryout, you will add anal masturbation to your sexual activities roster.

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