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First Time Sex Tips For Men

There comes a time in every man's life where he will decide when to have first time sex. Whether you are an old fashioned romantic who waited for the right woman or just want to get the ball rolling, these first time sex tips for men will help you get past stage fright and on with lovemaking.

First Time Sex Tip #1: Find a Good Location

Privacy is a very important consideration when it comes to first time sex. If you are a young couple, this can be rather difficult. An inexpensive hotel room may be an option. If you are older and own your own home or apartment, the place is obvious and less of a concern.

A list of first time sex tips would be remiss without mentioning the fact that first time sex should begin on a bed! A sofa or back seat of a car is an option, but not conducive to a pleasant, heartwarming memory. Also, take a shower prior to the act. Take your time and explore one another's bodies till you feel at ease. First time sex tips for men should also include an admonishment to purchase birth control and condoms. Pregnancy can happen at any time, even with first time sex.

In a situation where you are not in your own home, you should bring something personal, like a bathrobe or pillow.

First Time Sex Tip #2: Avoid Heavy Eating

Most of us experience food–induced sleepiness after we eat. When it comes to first time sex, this is not a good thing. Being alert is key to a great performance. If you want to stay awake, eat light. You can keep snacks by the bed if you desire to maintain a high level of energy.

By all means, avoid alcohol! Not only will it make it hard to get an erection; you could make a dumb decision – like not use protection…

First Time Sex Tip #3: Don't Worry – Be Happy

Our third first time sex tip is to “Go with the flow”. Concentrating on things like penis size, performance, positions, technique or simultaneous orgasms will only increase your nervousness. This will, in turn, ruin the mood of a momentous occasion. Your best bet is to simply enjoy one another's bodies, especially since first time sex is only the beginning and will be expounded upon in time. If for any reason you have problems getting it up, don't sweat it. Use the stall to tease and tantalize one another with your tongue and hands. Eventually, your erection will spring back to its former readiness.

First Time Sex Tip #4: Be Honest About Your Virginity

For men, being a virgin causes fear and shame. It is in fact, a wonderful thing. If the woman is more experienced, she will be more than happy to guide you through the process. In fact, just as with men, women find the act of a man allowing her to be his first time sex partner special. Because of this, the act will be more loving.

If you partner is also a virgin, she may find it comforting that you are also inexperienced, putting her at ease. Remember, these first time sex tips for men are but a guideline of sorts. It is up to you and your lover as to how you proceed. Just know that first time sex can be wonderful, with the right planning, and the right partner.

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