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best sex positionsThe Kama Sutra, the most spiritual and romantic book of love, gave birth to tantric sex, a form of sexuality that relied heavily on mastering some of the best sex positions possible.

The secret to these positions did not lie in the complicated asanas, or in the positions themselves, but in the sex position tips that lead to accomplishing the positions themselves.

In other words, sex position tips won't mean a thing if the groundwork isn't laid properly.

The ancient texts outlined this and the components of preparing yourself for these sex positions in great detail.  Before you and your partner get involved with the best sex positions that are enjoyable to you both however, keep in mind that the aim of sex positions is mutual sensual fulfillment.

Now that we have gone over sex position tip preliminaries, we can discuss other aspects of achieving the best sex positions.  Subsequent articles will elaborate more on the actual position themselves.

Sex Positions:

Sex Position Tip #1: Get Comfortable

Pillows, soft comforters, satin sheets – all are conducive to creating the best sex positions.  Ambiance also helps, so scented candles as well as soft lighting can aid with the sex position techniques.  What you and your partner need to get comfortable can be individual to you both so discuss, be creative and have fun.

Sex Position Tip #2: Release Your Inhibitions

Be open to trying something new.  This is crucial to the best oral sex positions, because body resistance can affect the feel of the positions.  Resistance may even hinder penal penetration or the enjoyment of g – spot stimulation.  Sex position techniques should be discussed prior to tackling them – don't try a crouching elephant without due notice – the result can be hazardous to health.  Seriously, one way to loosen those inhibitions if to first familiarize yourself with the acts of love you are interested in.

Sex Position Tip #3: Try Several Positions

Experimenting will help you two discover what works (and what doesn't work) best for you.  Talk to one another.  Be honest about what you like and don't like.  Finding what works for you both will make you more inclined to do it over and over again. Also keep in mind that sex position techniques can be revisited or even expounded upon.

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