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Better Sex Tips for Women

The need for better sex tips for women arose soon after the feminine realization that sex can actually be a spiritually uplifting experience.

The good news – a better sex life can be achieved rather easily, especially since ladies are at a place where they are no longer ashamed of the occasional intense, screamingly loud orgasm.

Just how to we get to that most primitive of sexual responses?

The below better sex tips for women will tell ya how!

Better Sex Tip #1: Be Loud and Proud

Loud orgasms are the best! Why? Because they not only signal to the guy that he has climbed the Mount Everest of sex, but it is exciting to your mate, increasing his sexual pleasure and his climax.

Better Sex Tip #2: Take the Initiative

Don't be shy. Confidence is a big turn on to men. Do not confuse confidence with being bossy however. Men don't like a nag in or out of the bedroom. Communicating needs and wants in a sexy way will get you what you want every time!

Better Sex Tip #3: Let him take the lead

While men like a woman who is confident, they also like to be dominant every so often. Even if you are normally aggressive, taking a submissive posture, i.e. letting him take you doggie style, is a way to a better sex life and happy mate.

Better Sex Tip #4: Try Various Positions

I have said on more than one occasion that men are visual. If you truly want a better sex life, then you have to try various positions. Changing things up is visually stimulating to a male, and will keep him hard and aroused. This of course, increases your climaxes, culminating in that primal, loud orgasm that will excite your man to no end.

Better Sex Tip #5: Create an Atmosphere Worthy of Eros

You know what turns you on, and if you've been around your mate a while, you have a good grasp of his appetite is well. When you in the mood for some lovin', scented candles, floral arrays, silk or satin throw pillows are nice accents and touches that will be visually appealing. Up the ante by dressing in a sexy lingerie. You will feel like a sexy siren and your mate will feel like the luckiest guy on the planet.

A better sex life begins with a little ingenuity, creative intimacy and a lot of stamina. Employing any one of these my better sex tips for women will not only end in a loud orgasm or two, but can make life out of the bedroom even better as well.

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