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How To Have Sex In Public

Admit it.

You have fantasized about spicing things up a bit by taking sex out of the boudoir to a new area, someplace public, forbidden and exiting! Problem? You are at a complete loss of how to begin. You also wonder how to have sex in public without getting arrested, or worse, being stumbled upon by the neighborhood gossip.

The good news is that having sex in public can be done in a way that will keep your rep (and police record), in tact.

Below, please find some practical how–to's in fulfilling the fantasy of great sex in public. Do keep in mind that this is about having erotic fun with one another, not nude exhibition.

Maintaining privacy is key.

Public Sex Tip #1: Location, Location, Location:

Works in real estate and in the realm of naughty hijinks as well. Make sure the place you choose is fairly secluded, with a low to non–existent stream of foot traffic. While the idea of getting caught is fun – jail time is not.

A secluded wooded area or a nice open field is a solid bet. Bring a blanket (or, if it is cold, a tent) and find a pleasant area with a beautiful view. Make a game of having Public Sex by trying to keep quiet no matter what you do to one another. This serves two purposes: titillation and keeping the noise factor down.

Public Sex Tip #2: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Doing the deed in a parked car can be exhilarating, especially if you are older and supposedly past having Public Sex in this manner. Parking your car near a nice scenic area like an overlook, a lake, park or forest can provide some protection from prying eyes.

You can also join the ever–popular Mile High Club on an airplane (usually occurs at an altitude of no less than 5,280 ft ). The trick to this is discreetly slipping off to the restroom, one at a time or course (it is more obvious if you two skip hand and hand towards the lavatory). Again, keeping quiet while having sexing in public is important. If you have a woman who is a screamer, a sexy, silken gag may be the ticket.

Train compartments and bathrooms are nice areas, with the train bathroom being a tad more ambitious in the realm of Public Sex.

Public Sex Tip #3: Romp at the Beach

The beach is a romantic spot to indulge the “sex in public” urge, and can be easy to pull off, especially if the beach has isolated dune areas (many do but you may have to hunt a while to find them.)

Bring a large beach towel and picnic basket. You can fool around under the towel, and if anyone wanders by, pretend you are just sleeping or getting cozy (it does work!). Do I have a side tip for not getting sand in the tookus? Nope. Like rug burn, it is just an unfortunate byproduct of getting it on outside a bed.

Swimming pools and Jacuzzis can be a novel places for l' amour as well…

Public Sex Tip #4: Getting Down and Dirty in the Changing Room

Department stores and malls have a plethora of changing rooms which can grant lovers an opportunity for great sex in public. Again, keeping noise down is key – you'd hate to leave the dressing room to find an angry sales clerk and a cop waiting for you to emerge…

Public Sex Tip #5: Miniature Golf Anyone?

Yes, that's right – miniature golf. Think about it – lots of large structures, some with openings that you and your lover can escape inside to get your groove on.

The larger the structure the better, but be sure to go when business is a bit slow, as discovery is lessened. This is the riskiest of all the choices however, so only proceed if you are old hat veterans and know how to have sex in public discreetly…

The secret to great public sex is a combination of bravery, common sense and imagination. If you have these three things, not only will you have memorable sex in public, you will be able to pull out this flavor enhancer whenever and wherever you please. This will leave you and your lover with a lasting memory that you can use to stoke romantic fires for years to come.

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