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This sex tips for women article contains two segments that will educate you on how to have better sex with your partner. One part will focus on the all–important art of giving pleasure; the other, on receiving it. The two go hand in hand, as a woman who knows and loves her own body and is comfortable with sex, is more adept at giving pleasure to someone else.

If you are sincerely interested in learning the secrets to a better sex life, then read on.

Pleasing Your Partner

Sex Tips For Women #1: Love His Johnson!

Better sex begins with mastering penis handling techniques. Handjobs and fellatio, aka, blowjobs, are very important weapons to have in our lovemaking arsenal, especially if you know what you are doing. With a hand job or blowjob, NEVER GRIP a man's penis too hard. The pressure should be easy, only increasing as he climaxes. It may vary, so ask your man what feels good to him. Be sure to use plenty of lubricant or spit and take special care to pay attention to the head of his penis – it is sensitive and needs as much love as the shaft. If you play with his balls during, this will drive him nuts – so to speak – but again, take a light approach. Licking also works as well as sucking, so alternate. Studying these basic sex tips for women goes a long way towards learning how to have better sex.

Sex Tips For Women #2: Get On Top

Men are visual and they love to be able to see you at different positions. Besides, the idea of you taking a dominant position during sex will excite the hell out of him. Men also love doggie style, as they can get a look at your ass as they penetrate you – it is also a submissive posture, which is sexually stimulating to your dominant partner and makes for better sex.

Sex Tips For Women #3: Talk Dirty Baby!

One key to better sex is learning bedroom language. Men love naughty talk because it is a direct contrast to the good girl image we portray. It's like he gets his angel and devil all rolled up into one. Throw in words that would otherwise make you blush like, dick, pussy, cunt, ass, and other crude or taboo words that women usually shy from. You may find this gives you quite a rush as well.

Sex Tips For Women #4: Be Open To New Ideas

If your lover wants you to try anal sex or dress up like Barbie, at least think about it. Being receptive to his ideas will lead both of you to a much better sex life in the end.

Female Sexual Mindset And Response

Most women are conditioned to think that only “dirty girls” like or enjoy sex. Because of this, we are afraid to admit that we actually like doing the deed. On the extreme end, some women will be turned off by the very idea of physical intimacy, hindering their interpersonal relationships and enjoyment of the act altogether.

Opening up to the idea that sex is for women too and can be tailored to fit your drive and temperament is number one on the list of how to have better sex.

Better Sex Tip #1: Relax

It isn't the Spanish Inquisition. The key to a better sex life is expanding your mind. Opening yourself up to rewarding, better sex can be a spiritual, beautiful, and fulfilling journey, if you let it.

Better Sex Tip #2: Control Your Own Orgasm

Yes, it helps if the guy is an amazing lover, but even Don Juan won't get your juices flowing if you're a frigid ride in bed. Part of the responsibility for your orgasm is on you. One way to control it is to be vocal, allowing your lover to know what pleases you – feel free to move around and adjust, so that each penetrative thrust hits the right spot.

Better Sex Tip #3: Realize Men Are Not Mind Readers

There are many women who fall into the trap of believing that if a man cares for her he will guess all her needs! Wrong. This thinking can cause a roadblock to a better sex life and frustrate your man. Tell him what you like or don't like. You won't hurt his feelings – he will actually find it exciting, especially if he sincerely wants to please you.

A better sex life is not a dream that is beyond reach. If you open your mind to the possibilities held within this very sex tips for women articles, you will not only find out how to have better sex, but may also realize some of your wildest, sensual dreams!

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Sex tips for women This article contains two segments that will educate you on how to have better sex with your partner.

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