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wheelbarrow sex positionFor creative, no holds barred types, the usual won't do! These people will buy swings, sex furniture, and various sex toys that would make even a stripper blush for a taste of the wild. For such brave souls, exotic lovemaking positions hold the greatest titillation. However, one doesn't have to be a sex vixen or lion to want to break the mold every once in a while. For both types of folks there are a number of exotic positions available to create extraordinary spice and intensity in the bedroom.

Below are three exotic styles that are fairly easy to do, followed by tips on how to correctly execute them.

The Cowboy

A reverse of the Cowgirl, the man sits on top of the woman penetrates while on top and strokes her. While you may not get very deep, the sensation that can be had at the vaginal opening will be pleasurable for the both of you. It is also a face to face, so it can be rewarding on an intimacy level. A pillow beneath the girl's buttocks makes for an even more enjoyable ride.


This one will require quite a bit of arm strength on both partners part but is very rewarding when done right. To start, the woman gets down on all fours and the man picks his partner up by the waist. He then penetrates her while holding her legs up in the air by the ankles. Sounds difficult and if you are not fit it may be a bit of a challenge. Deep penetration can be had this way however, so it may be well worth the expenditure of effort.


When angles are right, the scissors can be quite fantastic. As the name I implies, both partners lie away from one another and join so that their legs become inter – crossed or scissored. If you can find a way to not lay on one another legs for the duration it can be extremely rewarding, in fact, most women say that their partner consistently hits their g-spot this way.

Exotic Position Tips

There is only one key word when it comes to an exotic position and that is modification. People will have height differentials that will have to be made up for – get creative with pillows or even silk ties and furry handcuffs to add special elements of decadence to the positions.

Don't forget to simply frolic and enjoy – this is not about getting it letter perfect but enjoying intimacy and sex with your lover. Bearing this in mind, you can't do anything but have fun thus enabling you to branch out into even more innovative ways to enjoy one another's bodies in the future.

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