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By now, you probably know that the use of human growth hormone supplements is hugely popular among athletes and bodybuilders- but were you aware that it can also offer powerful benefits for your sexual wellbeing? By stimulating the release of additional HGH in the body, you can improve workout performance and results, improve immune system function, increase stamina and endurance, and supercharge your sexual performance with a youthful vigor and physique. Among HGH supplements, Growth Factor is one of the most potent and powerful available. Because sexual function peaks during puberty and early adulthood and gradually reduces as we age, much like physical fitness, increased levels of HGH can benefit you in the gym and in the bedroom.

Ingredients in Growth Factor

BCAAs - BCAAs (short for branched-chain amino acids) like L-Lysine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine are specialized amino acids. BCAAS are building blocks in the production of muscle s and connective tissue, giving them a key role during both muscle growth and healing. After being metabolized directly by the muscle tissue, BCAAs are converted into ATP, an energy source which reduces fatigue and improves concentration. Branched-chain amino acids also boost testosterone levels, leading to enhanced sexual stamina and endurance.

L-Glutamine - Used by your body for protein-synthesis and to achieve a positive nitrogen balance, L-glutamine has been shown to increase free HGH levels. It also prevents muscle breakdown, speeds healing, boosts the immune system, and maintains the structural integrity of your digestive tract.

L-Arginine - L-Arginine is a well-known amino acid which is converted naturally by your body into nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels (improving blood flow). An essential amino acid, it is crucial in the production and repair of muscle, as well as in stimulating the release of HGH.

L-Ornithine - Working synergistically with L-arginine to create creatine and stimulate the release of HGH, L-ornithine is essential in muscle production and overall well-being. L-ornithine is also known for its positive effects on wound healing and collagen production. In addition, it also offers detoxifying benefit by helping in the creation of urea, which carries waste out of the body.

How to use Growth Factor

Just take 2 Growth Factor capsules a day with a meal or protein shake. Recommended for use at breakfast before you work out, it can even be taken with dinner if you're using this product for its sexual enhancement benefits.

Buy Growth Factor

Based on the incredible reviews and results reported so far, we highly recommend you try this product. Growth Factor is offered directly from the manufacturer, providing discreet delivery without any unnecessary mark-up. They are currently offering a 2-week free trial period where you pay only for the shipping and handling. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it easy for you to try Growth Factor with confidence.

Does Growth Factor Work?

Everyone who uses Growth Factor is guaranteed to see results within the first month, with most people reporting increased energy and endurance from the very beginning. Within a few weeks, you can expect to see muscle production increase, body fat decrease, and that stamina boost you're looking for to last all day and all night. Order it here.