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Great Sex Tips:
How to Have Great Sex

Want to know an important but little known fact? Great sex has a spiritual basis as well as physical and mental one. By applying the accompanying great sex tips properly, you can learn how to have great sex, regardless of penis size or body type.

True sensuality begins with the erogenous zone ignored by most – the human mind. Since many scoff at the idea that human sexuality is anything other than physical, this part is often ignored. This is usually why most sexual encounters end up as bitter disappointments.

As proof that the mind has to be engaged in order to have more great sex, think back to a time when you had to talk a disinterested partner into sex and how lackluster and uneventful the act was.

If, however, you titillated your partner with meaningful interaction prior to sex, something miraculous happens–you get a responsive lover. Their ardor in turn fuels your own, turning you on more. The act becomes a feedback loop that escalates into a passionate night of stupendously great sex.

The following list of great sex tips will expound upon the various aspects that are necessary to have more great sex, namely, the spiritual, mental and the physical.


I placed spiritual and mental tips in the same category become they are closely connected. They will also lay the foundation for the inevitable sexual encounter.

Here are some ways to have more great sex by utilizing the spiritual and mental aspects necessary to build it.

Great Sex Tip #1: Attentiveness:

Great sex equals reciprocal energy, thereby, paying attention is a very important sex tip. If you listen to the words of your lover and their own special body language, you will know how to touch them in a way that garners a tremendous response.

Great Sex Tip #2: Honesty:

Another uber imperative great sex tip is honesty! Tell your partner what feels good and what doesn't, but be kind. Shouting stuff like “Damn it! You're not doing it right” will hardly put anyone in a receptive, playful, or erotic mood. Instead, say, “It feels so good when you stroke lightly” or “I really like it when you__________”. This will give your lover an indication of what works and what doesn't, which will lead to substantial mutual gratification, and, need I say it, great sex!

Great Sex Tip #3: Self Love:

Confidence, (without arrogance, which isn't really self love), is just as attractive an asset as double D's or a burgeoning member, primarily because it makes people feel comfortable around you. When people are at ease, they are more apt to try new and different things, which is an essential component that allows us to have more great sex.

The Self–love sex tip however, brings us to the physical aspects of great sex…


While it is important to accept ourselves the way we are, staying fit can aid with longevity and stamina in the bedroom.

Great Sex Tip #1: Technique:

When contemplating how to have great sex, you must realize, it isn't the size of the boat; it is the motion in the ocean. A man who knows how to use his hands, sex toys, oils or creams properly can keep a woman more satisfied than a man with twelve inches who has no idea what to do with it. If a man still wants to enhance his member however, he can visit our Endowmax review, for capsules that increase size.

Great Sex Tip #2: Enhancements:

Most people who wonder about how to have great sex look for the answers in longevity, harder erections and incredible orgasms. Aside from simply learning to relax, they can use many products that are currently available to achieve their goals. From Quantum Pills or FemElle capsules that increase the intensity of orgasms, to Endowmax Oil, which create rock hard erections, there is nothing that can't be done to make sex go from ho–hum to oh–boy! Even a muscle building supplement like Ultra Edge XL can provide the stamina required to go all night.

In a nutshell, having more great sex begins with observing the above great sex tips namely attentiveness and technique. With any luck, this exploration may lead to an evaluation of your own psyche and reveal your partner's true, hidden sensuality.

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