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Longz Review

Longz Review:
Male Enhancement Pill

Rated: 65 out of 100

The manufacturers of Longz say that this sexual enhancement supplement was created by an oriental medicine doctor. With that being said, it's marketed as a male enhancement product that will increase the strength of your erections and give you the feeling of a larger more powerful penis.

The Longz system also comes with a free instructional manual that is designed to help your sex life through exercise but also give advice on prostrate problems and on how to improve your all–around well being.

Ingredients in Longz

Some of the ingredients in Longz include:

  • Horny goat weed: This is known to arouse sexual feelings and improve performance.
  • L–Arginine: This improves your sexual activity and also improves your immune system.
  • Guarana: This improves blood flow especially to the area of the penis and enhances endurance.
  • L–Taurine: This is an amino acid that aids in regulating your heart beat and also improves sexual stamina.
  • Maca root: It has been used to improve sexual stamina, lack of sex drive and to prevent impotence.
  • Oyster meat: Known as an aphrodisiac oysters also contain flavinoids which stimulate the reproductive system.
  • Pumpkin Seed: This helps strengthen the prostrate gland and improve hormone functioning in men.

How to Use Longz

It is recommended that you take one Longz pill a day with food – try to take it at the same time every day. The manufactures believe that you should order a few bottles that will last three to fourth months. You can stop the pills at any time after that and continue the exercises in the manual.

Does Longz Work?

Longz has many of the same ingredients of other male enhancement supplements with a few other sexual enhancement ingredients that seem to make sense. You should get more information on the guarantee because there is not much information readily available on the website. You also may want to find out more about the “oriental medicine doctor” claim. It's not recommended to purchase this before you find out more about the guarantee and the doctor.

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