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Magna-RX Lotion - male enhancement

Magna–RX Review:
Male Enhancement Cream

Rated: 70 out of 100

A topical cream, Magna–RX uses nitric oxide as its major ingredient to increase penis size, hardness, and overall sexual stamina. Nitric oxide acts as a smooth muscle relaxant to release tension and allow more blood to flow into the penis during arousal. According to the manufacturers, Magna–RX causes immediate results of hardness and stamina, as well as perceived increase in penis size.

About Magna–RX

Magna–RX relies largely on a single theory of erectile dysfunction. The manufacturers state that tension causes constriction in the erectile tissue, preventing blood from flowing into the penis in sufficient quantity to produce an optimal erection. Nitric oxide, topically applied, reduces this tension and allows the erectile tissues to enlarge properly. Additional herbal ingredients in Magna–RX support the action of nitric oxide by helping increase arousal and overall male reproductive health.

For best results, Magna–RX must be applied before sexual activity. It can be used a few hours ahead of time, or immediately before. The need to apply the cream to ensure an optimal erection might interfere with desired sexual spontaneity.

Magna–RX Ingredients

The major ingredient in Magna–RX is Nitric Oxide Synthase. The Nitric Oxide Synthase interacts with Arginine to deliver nitric oxide to the penis. Other ingredients include Maca root, Horny Goat Weed, and Oriental Ginseng, all ingredients believed to increase sexual desire and function.

Magna–RX Cost

The cost of Magna–RX is similar to that of similar products. A month's supply is $49.95, with savings available for larger quantities. Magna–RX also comes with a 60–day money back guarantee.

Does Magna–RX Work?

Like most male enhancement products, Magna–RX has its share of customer testimonials. It seems to focus too strongly on one ingredient, however, which seems to indicate it might not work for everyone. In addition, the claim on the website of "perceived" increase in penis size makes the customer wonder if Magna–RX produces any long–term effects, or is only meant to work "in the moment." While Magna–RX does promise increased stamina and larger erections for a period after it's applied, there's very little said about permanent effects.

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