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Ogoplex Review:
Volume Pill

Rated: 80 out of 100

Ogoplex is a volume pill marketed as a pure botanical seed extract from Sweden. The ingredients are supposed to increase the number of contractions during your orgasm thus increasing the sperm release. Ogoplex also enhances male vitality and sexual vigor, intensifies orgasm pleasure and duration, improves the male genital system and helps aid better prostrate health.

The Ingredients in Ogoplex

The volume pill Ogoplex contains a proprietary blend of Swedish flower pollen extract, Phytosterol complex, Saw Palmetto Berry and Lycopene concentrate. The pill also has Zinc as an ingredient. Unfortunately the producers do not break down the ingredients and explain what each one does for the male system.

These combined ingredients are “said” to increase the amount of semen that is ejaculated – three to four times the amount – during orgasm and that this special blend has been used for many generations.

How to Use Ogoplex

It is recommended that you take the volume pill Ogoplex once a day in the morning with your juice or coffee. The results may vary but many men find that they start to see the positive results after taking Ogoplex for three straight weeks. The manufacturers say you can continue to take this volume pill for as long as you want to benefit from the results.

Does Ogoplex Work?

Before you consider buying Ogoplex you should contact the manufacturers and find out the specifics on the ingredients. Just because the main ingredient comes from Europe and websites have beautiful women and testimonials from men living in Italy and Sweden, doesn't mean that this volume pill works. For some reason consumers are supposed to take the “leap of faith” and believe that this product is going to bring out the stud in every man.

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