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Rock Your World Vibrator

Rock Your World Vibrator Review:
Female Sex Toy

Rated: 90 out of 100

Although this vibrator may look like it came straight from a science fiction movie, the pleasure nubs that jut out from the shaft are actually very soft and add an extra sensation when inserted into the vagina. The Rock Your World vibrator also has a rotating four inch long shaft that has a diameter ranging from one inch to one and three quarter inches. The clitoral stimulator has several feelers, butterfly wings, and antenna for an electrifying experience.

This sex toy has separate controls for the rotating shaft and the clitoris stimulator, making it easy for you to adjust the speeds and dial down on your own sweet spot. The butterfly wings on the Rock Your World vibrator not only concentrate on your clitoris but also the area around it, giving you an arousing hugging sensation.

Women Agree on the Rock Your World Vibrator

Perhaps you need proof or are shopping around for the perfect sex toy. If so than this should help you with your decision. Most women agree that the Rock Your World vibrator is a one–of–a–kind sex toy that brings them to their knees. Many women report experiencing multiple orgasms in just minutes. The intimidating look of this vibrator quickly melted into a match made in heaven once these women inserted the vibrator and felt the power and the pleasure knobs working away.

After just one use most women swore to never use another vibrator again because of the type of orgasms they were having –– nothing short of earth shattering.

More About the Rock Your World Vibrator

This sex toy requires two AA batteries and has a total length of seven and three quarter inches. The Rock Your World vibrator is made of 100% Elastomer, which is superior to vinyl and more economical than silicone and it is also easy to clean and maintain. You simply wash it with mild soap and warm water, but be careful not to get the batteries wet.

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