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Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit Vibrator Review:
Female Sex Toy

Rated: 90 out of 100

Known as one of the most celebrated and effective vibrators on the market, the Rabbit vibrator burst onto the scene when they were featured in an episode of the hit show “Sex and the City.” Rabbit vibrators come in 100's of styles, from large to small, skinny to fat and have been tested by women all over the world.

What's a Rabbit Vibrator?

The secret to the Rabbit vibrator is the “dual–action” affect – the shaft of the vibrator rotates while the extended “bunny ear” quivers against the clitoris, giving a women a wildly erotic sensation. Some of the Rabbit vibrators also include rotating beads inside the shaft that help arouse a woman's G–spot.

Jack Rabbit Vibrator

There are different vibrators that accommodate the kinkiest to the more modest woman. These include the Impulse Jack Rabbit, the Decadent Indulgence Rabbit and the Rock Your World Rabbit just to name a few.

How to use Rabbit Vibrators

The control panel is usually at the base of the vibrator and contains multiple buttons and switches for speed control and function selection. Some vibrators have a remote control, with or without a connecting wire. A separate battery pack and controller allows the Rabbit vibrator to generate more power and speed without interfering with the use of the toy.

Rabbit Vibrators are mostly made out of a jelly–like substance (poly vinyl chloride), silicone (semi–organic polymer), rubber (elastic hydrocarbon polymer) or latex (natural rubber) materials. Many women prefer the silicon vibrators because they are easy to clean and they do not absorb any bacteria. Some Rabbit vibrators are made of plastic, vinyl, metal and elastomer materials. These materials are much less porous than others but still remain smooth and firm.

Many women choose to use lubrication with their Rabbit vibrators as it helps with the stimulation of the clitoris and makes for a more pleasing experience. The lubrication can also be easily washed off once you are finished.