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Faking it?
Say hello to the big “O”
Multiple Orgasm Tips

Many well-meaning women, in an effort to please their man, fake orgasms even if they aren't enjoying the bed room gymnastics! Sadly, by faking it, she does her and her lover a great disservice.

Women Share Blame

Despite men being clueless about what to touch and how, women share some of the blame in playing Sally to their man's Harry. I mean, unless ladies are vying for Academy Awards they need to leave acting out of the bedroom.  The reality is, all faking an orgasm does is shut down communication. In time, sexual intimacy grows stale and is soon placed in the lame and brain dead category of your relationship.  As a wise woman once said, when sex is great, it is one small component of an overall great relationship when it sucks, it becomes everything in the relationship!

Tracking Down the Big “O”

Women who enjoy sex are comfortable with their bodies. Unfortunately, women still suffer from the delusion that bad girls do and good girls don't. Stop that mentality now - it is interfering with your sexual pleasure!  Sex is natural and healthy. Removing this mental stumbling block is the first step toward multiple orgasms.

Other ways to enhance lovemaking and finally grasp the experience that only 30 percent of females are currently having is to:

  • Communicate - tell your man what you want. Despite what we may think, men are not mind readers and a little info could go a long way.
  • To find the “O” locate the “G” - how can you tell him where to go when you don't know yourself.  Locate your g-spot and point your man in the right direction. To do this, insert your finger into your vagina and curve your finger towards your belly button. When you find the fleshy knob, play with it a little.  At first poke, you may feel as if you have to pee. The more you play with your “G” however, the more this sensation will begin to feel more pleasurable.
  • Get acquainted with your equipment – pull out a mirror and take a look at your vagina an vulva - name it like men do their penises - love on it, touch it.  This exercise will teach you all about your pleasure points, information that comes in handy in the boudoir.
  • Try a little tantric lovin' - Tantric yogistic sex is based on the Kama Sutra and has hundreds of fun positions to try. This sexual practice is very spiritual and will get you in tune with your lover and your own body as well.
  • Use sex enhancement aids - There is nothing wrong with using a little something–something to get the proverbial juices flowing. For example, using a female sexual enhancement product like V Cream can help you get in the mood and intensify your orgasm.

Just what is V Cream?

V Cream increases orgasms

V Cream is a revolutionary sexual aid that helps a woman achieve intense, longer lasting orgasms. Made with all natural ingredients, the cream causes feminine genital tissues to tingle and become more sensitive. This sensitivity helps you come faster and harder than ever before.

By opening up communication and using products like V Cream, you can join the ranks of women who don't have to pretend to be having the time of their lives during a lovemaking session with their partner.

Multiple Orgasms Do Exist!

There are plenty of women all over the nation who don't have to fake it and you can be one of them.

Leave the acting to the professionals in Hollywood and take control of your sexual destiny today. Start today with the purchase of a wonderful female sexual enhancement product like V Cream.

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