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spooning during sexSpooning refers to the position where two lovers lie side by side but facing away from each other. The man then enters his partner from the rear. Not as intimate as face to face, spooning has it's advantages and can be fun for a number of reasons. For instance, a man can reach an angle of penetration that switches the game up a bit for the woman sensation wise. This angle may even titillate the hard to hit g – spot for a mind melting orgasm that is second to none.

Women can also opt for clitoral play with a small toy or fingers.

There aren't very many way sin which the spoon position can be fouled up, but there is a way to make it more enjoyable for you and your lover?

Spooning Tips

With spoons, the concentration has to be on comfort and angle of penetration. This position is best explored on a bed or sofa as being on the floor can wear on the elbows or ribs. Make sure, as you both lie on your sides, that aren't lying in an awkward way. Trying to maximize comfort will make the position last longer guaranteeing an orgasm for the both of you.

You will also have to accommodate any height differential since the position can have a natural tendency to make penile penetration a difficult feat. For example, if the woman is too high up the penis will bend upwards and vice versa for too low. Making the hips level keeps the penis going straight in and reduces the risk of slipping out (if your man has a less than average size, spooning may not be the ideal position).

Morning Lovin'

Many people find that this is the position that they enjoy in the morning as many couples tend to sleep in the spoon position. All the man has to do is slip his woman's PJs or panties off and it's instant access.

Whether it is intimacy or pure sensation you seek, exploring sex positions and all their various forms can bring a measure of excitement to your relationship that will keep it smoking hot. With the explorative mind set in place, there is no reason why you and your mate will see the need to seek excitement elsewhere! Indeed, you and your partner will be able to explore all the limitless possibilities of sensual pleasures within one another's arms for years to come!

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Female Sex Enhancement

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