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butterfly sex positionNamed after one of nature's most beautiful creatures, the Butterfly is truly a sensual delight, especially once two lovers get the movements right on key.

Not for the faint of heart or the physically challenged, the Butterfly position is sure to please and is comfortable enough, once mastered to do for long periods of time. The move most often entails the man getting on his knees and angling his woman's legs and hips so he can deep stroke her, which can be an issue for men with smaller penises.

This can be hard on a man who has bad knees so it is advisable that he use a pillow when performing the butterfly.

Butterfly Tips

The butterfly can be on or off the bed, but it is said that maximum maneuverability occurs when the man takes to the floor. In this way, he can guide his lover while kneeling or even standing and get prime thrust.

For instance, the male can stand on the side of the bed can and pull his partner's legs in the air as he drives into her. More often than not, he simply tosses both legs over his shoulders so he can direct the depth of his penis. By being on the floor he has greater leverage as a bouncing bed alters the position and hampers orgasm a bit.

A different but just as titillating effect can be achieved by holding one of the woman's legs in the air and laying the other flat on the bed. This creates a depth of penetration that is second to none.

Now, if there is a height differential it can easily be adjusted with the use of pillows.

Clitoral Stimulation

This position also encourages clitoral stimulation as the man is situated where this hyper sensitive sheath is exposed. Stimulation can occur via a toy or with ones fingers, but either way the orgasm is bound to be tremendous and intense.

Butterfly Communication

If this is a brand spanking new position, don't spring it on your lover unannounced, especially if it has been a while since your last intimate encounter. Let her know that you want to try something different and if you feel the need, go into some detail. She will greatly appreciate the heads up.

Of course, if you two have always been a little more on the adventurous side, this move will become a welcome addition to the sex arsenal, guaranteeing the robustness of your erotic relationship.

And don't forget to just have fun – keeping sex free and easy is what makes it an enjoyable and spiritually bonding exercise for committed lovers.

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