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Dear Princess and Pig,

I'm writing because I've got a real problem. I just met the most amazing woman -- she's smart, she has a great job and she's smoking hot. Basically a dream girl. We're really into each other. There's just one issue: the sex isn't good. In fact, it's just okay. We've talked about it and she feels the same way. She describes herself as a "size queen" and I'm just not up to her measurement.

About a year ago I broke off a long-term relationship with a woman after two years. She told me I was no good in bed, that she'd been faking orgasms since the beginning, and even said I was smaller than average. Now, I'm normally a pretty confident guy. But here I've got two women in a row telling me I don't measure up.

My question to you is, what should I do? I really don't want to give Size Queen up -- everything about our relationship is awesome. On the other hand I don't want to be stuck with bad sex. Is there any way I can measure up?

Max in San Diego

Try Xanogen

Dear Max,

It sounds like you've got two problems here. On the one hand, you've lost some confidence because of the things your ex said. On the other, you're with a woman who's needs you're just not meeting.

There's one easy way to both increase your confidence and make Size Queen smile: increase your penis size. It used to be, the only way to do that was using weights or pumps constantly. Recently though the secret technique used by a lot of male porn stars was leaked and now there's a safe and effective method of penis growth.

Now, this used to be a top-secret system only the porn stars shared. They were afraid that if their secret got out, then basically anybody could become a porn star and they'd be out of a job. (So far that hasn't happened, but you never know...)

The porn star system is basically a two-pill stack. You need Xanogen (boosts testosterone and supports the male reproductive system) and a bodybuilding supplement called HGH Factor (increases human growth hormone for muscle and penis growth). This combo is currently available for about $10 -- click the links to get the products. You have to take both products daily for about 20-30 days to see measurable results. You have to use both products faithfully every day.

Just so you know, we've tested and confirmed that this system really does work. And, even though Princess is no size queen, I can personally guarantee it's enough to make any woman smile! Once Size Queen starts feeling the difference, I predict all your problems will be over.

Do get in touch and let us know how much Size Queen loves the new you! Good luck, Max.


Hey, Max --

A hot size queen with a good job? What's she doing with a loser like you?

Seriously, though -- you never can tell what women love and hate. I was in South Beach last week and I saw some of the most amazingly beautiful women hanging on the arms of scrawny wrinkled geezers with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

Anyway, here's my advice: unless you do something you're going to lose your size queen. So do something like ASAP. You don't want to let this one get away.

I checked with some pals of mine in the skin flick biz and they said the pill stack is totally legit. Not only does Xanogen give you a big size boost, but the bodybuilding supplement HGH Factor also helps bulk up your muscles. You can get ripped and hung like Peter North at the same time. It's unreal.

Good luck. If it doesn't work out with Size Queen, let us know. I'd love to meet her.



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