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The Cowgirl Position

riding girl on topCouples who decide to add the cowgirl to their repertoire are literally in for the wildest ride of their lives.

Indeed, there is no downside to this amazing sex position and for both of the involved it is a definitive win-win. How so? Well for one, since the girl is the one who is on top, she gets to control the shots. The man in turn gets to lie back and enjoy the sensations as well as the view.

With most other positions, the man has to do all the work. This is one of the rare few where he can get off without having to do very much. Women enjoy it because they can tilt their hips and pelvis in a way to maximize penetration. The woman can then obtain the perfect angle for a mind blowing climax.

Cowgirl Position Tips

To begin this amazing position, the man simply has to lie down and relax. The woman can then position herself to where she is facing towards or away from her man. Those who enjoy the cowgirl position tend to enjoy face to face the best – less impersonal and the girl can rub her clit against the bony ridge of her partner's lower pelvic region.

This is a particularly auspicious position for you if the man happens to be a bit on the smaller side, as this allows you to get every bit of him inside of you as you can. He can also masturbate your clit to create an even greater orgasmic build.

Chair and Couch

reverse cowgirlThe cowgirl is absolutely terrific on top of a bed (or floor, or whatever other flat surface you may prefer), but a couple can reach untold heights buy utilizing this move while sitting on a chair or couch. By rhythmically straddling her man in a cowgirl position, the woman can really maneuver herself and get the deepest penetration imaginable.

On the flip side, the man can grab a hold of his girl's bottom and drive hard, making her moan and tremble as she submits to his will. This can be especially nice if the woman is at the brink of orgasm when he does this. Riding your man in a sitting position also always for intimate digital exploration along other nearby orifices as well.

Is There a Wrong Way to Do the Cowgirl?

Yes indeed, for instance, if your girl is facing away from you it is possible she can bend you in a way that doesn't feel all that great. There is also the prospect of your honey slamming into you and hurting your balls.

The good times would certainly come to an end then.

With the cowgirl, starting simple works best - when you both feel so inclined, you can experiment with the position and maybe even introduce a few sex toys or vibrators. With due time and experience with the cowgirl, you and your partner can mix things up and truly enjoy yet another level of intimacy that will bring the two of you even closer together.

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Female Sex Enhancement

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