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Face to Face II: Lotus Position

sex standingThe traditional missionary has gotten a facelift so to speak, thanks to the fertile imaginations of exuberant lovers and the ancient Kama sutra, the foundation for Tantric sex. The Lotus position is one among the many face to face positions that is both deeply spiritual and relaxing and has gained in popularity in recent years. Tantric Yogis especially espouse this position as one that is the very height of intimacy for any loving couple.

Named after the famed Indian flower, this position perhaps got its moniker because, when done upright, the couple's legs can resemble the open petals of this fragrant blossom. The position is just as sweet and is not for the feint of heart or the infirm. In other words, if you are not in good health, don't do it. It requires sitting up, and if you go the distance, this can also mean extended period of time in a locked, semi uncomfortable position.

There are several types of lotus positions, but the two most popular are the regular lotus (upright) and half Lotus (kneeling).

Below are a few tips on how to perform these hot maneuvers to achieve a level of intimacy and sexual pleasure that is unparalleled.

Tips For Face To Face II Lotus Position

The traditional lotus can be done on a bed or floor, whatever is comfortable for the lovers. As if meditating, the man will sit cross legged and his girl will face and straddle him, wrapping her legs around him. To support one another, they will wrap their arms around their partner's shoulders to keep balance. It is very easy to get out of sync with his one, so pay close attention to one another's movements. Also, it would probably be better to let the woman start off and allow the man to follow her rhythm.

Half Lotus (Kneeling)

This one is much more comfortable on a bed and requires a bit of fitness to accomplish. To start, instead of crossing his legs, the man kneels and leans back. The girl then straddles him, so they are face to face. Instead of crossing her legs behind his back, she plants her feet on either side of him and slides up and down.

It is important to let the receiver (the woman) start this one off as well, so the man can ease into her rhythm.

With the Lotus, staying in sync with one another is important for keeping this sex position locked, as well as for greater intimacy. When all goes smoothly, the Lotus can become a wonderful tool for reconnecting with your lover and for keeping the embers of passion glowing.

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