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French Kissing Tips

Is it just us or do the French do everything better? French fries, French toast and, their best export – French kissing!

When it comes to French kissing tips, it's all about a delicate combination of technique and being in the moment. If you are kissing your partner and you are both passionate, so long as you are both comfortable and happy, you don't have to worry about much. However, French kissing tips can really come in handy if you wish to escalate a moment of sweet kissing to a more passionate form of the activity. 

French Kissing Tip #1: Make Sure the Mood is Right

There is a time and a place for French kissing. Before you can even think about taking your kissing to the next level, you need to be sure the mood is right for some passionate kissing. That is, if you're standing against your locker, the time is not right for French kissing (because overwrought PDA's are just gross). That doesn't mean that spontaneity should be ruled out completely – if you're in the middle Times Square, say, and the spirit moves you, a short lived French kiss can be very romantic.

French Kissing Tip #2: Techniques To Remember 

One of the great French kissing tips to keep in mind is to go slow and to be tender in your kisses. Don't just drill your tongue into your partner's mouth. Be gentle with your kissing, don't be overly aggressive or overly passive, just go with the flow and find a rhythm with your partner.

Another important thing to remember is to keep the drool to a minimum and keep your lips and tongue soft (but not too soft! You wouldn't want to kiss a dead jellyfish, would you?)

French Kissing Tip #3: Biting, Nibbling and Exploring

Here's where kissing can get really fun. The trick is to experiment to see what your partner wants (because everyone's different!) A little bit of nibbling on the lips (from time to time) can be very fun, as can a little bit of kissing, biting or sucking of the neck. If you venture to the neck just make sure that you are biting and sucking tenderly because hickeys are not attractive!

French kissing tips
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French kissing tips

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French kissing tips: When it comes to French kissing tips, it's all about a delicate combination of technique and being in the moment.

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